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[Complaint] bad experience from Creative..


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i live in Goa, India. i had purchased Creative t3100 2.1 speakers on 12 Oct 2011 online from theitwares.com site for Rs. 2500. i have been using those speakers for almost one year w/o any problem. few days back, on 5th Oct 2012, the sound started fluctuating (getting high and low abruptly) and no sound at times. i visited creative site for some instant help as only 6 days were left for the warranty period to end. but i found no creative service center in Goa. i also tried calling the service centers in Mumbai and Bangalore but either the phones were not in working condition or switched off.

i called theitwares contact person but he said the courier cost would be too high for the to & fro trip. i contacted some of the distributors in Goa who deal in computer peripherals. but they refused to hear my plight saying that they provide service only if their sticker was attached on the speaker system which was not there in my case. meanwhile i did all this, my warranty period of one year ended yesterday.

now i don't have any choice other than to repair the speakers from a local mechanic. i am not at all satisfied with the quality of speakers and also the kind of support the company is providing. there should at least be a live support chat feature on the site. now if the repair cost is too high, i will go for another brand, now that creative has left a bad impression. so folks don't go for creative if u don't live near a creative service centre :-D or else u'll suffer like me.. :cry:
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Your case is marginal and unlucky. The problem could have come few days before, then you should have the time to send it to RMA.
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