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  1. MegaMind

    Decent USB modem?

    My friend is plannin on gettin a usb modem... Which is a better buy?
  2. T


    i am getting dell studio 1555 wid da following config- p8600 processor 2.4 ghz 4 gd ddr2 ram 512 ati 4570 gr320 gb 7200 rpm hard disk topo black colour backlit keyboard and creative soundcard windows vista 64 bit total price comes out to be rs57435 i am gettin a bluetooth mouse free is dis a...
  3. aytus

    a game for benchmarking under 500MB

    guys, i need a game mainly for testing purpose only, should be under or around 500 to 600MB .. and should be able to stress my 9600M gt to its fullest, when played, i dont play games usually but i think im gettin artifacts so just to conform/? also wud it be better to download 3d mark 06 instead?
  4. mikeon

    Is Yahoo Mail down today (Aug 15th 2008) ?

    Hi everyone, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ! ok is yahoo mail not opening for anyone else ? I've been tryin for the past half hour but i'm gettin no response from the site, is everyone facing this problem or am I the only one ?
  5. BBThumbHealer

    MacBook Or Sony Vaio ?

    Hey Guys... my cousin wanna purchase a Sony Vaio or a MacBook .... but the only doubt in his mind is can we run Windows on a Mac ? do we require any additional hardware for it or it comes bundled with the macbook ? sony vaio he's gettin for 55 K whereas the Mac is costing 65 K ...which 1 shud...
  6. Pragadheesh

    system not turning on..!!!

    hi, i recently brought one of me fren's sys as he(hostelite) is going home... after doing all d connections d system s not gettin turned on.. i.e d monitor not gettin turned on.. instead 3 beeps as soon as i press d power button:cry:.. donno wat went wrong..!!! any help plz...
  7. blademast3r

    Bsnl connection gettin reset every 5 mins or so

    hey guys my dtatone connection keeps gettin reset like every 5 mins or so!!! its soo pissin!!! what do i do!!
  8. saikibryan

    video splitter

    downloaded few movies thru torrent softwares... now i couldn't cut them into two jus to fit in 2 cds... they r in xvid avi format... tried dis thing wit naturpic splitter, vcd cutter etc none of them helped...i'm gettin overflow error suggest me a good software for da required...
  9. S

    is buyin a XBox360/PS3 better than gettin a monster graphx card

    is buyin a XBox360/PS3 better than gettin a monster graphx card den why guys die out buyin a graphics which keeps on increasin model nos 1000+ every month makin the rest feel .. should ve waited for ati/nvidia 9000 wats the big deal.... common lemme hear out gettin pirated stuffs or...
  10. blademast3r

    Posts not incrementing

    HI guys there seems to be a bug in this forum...my post count is not gettin incremented!!!
  11. ssk_the_gr8

    New PC plz help

    hey guys my bro is gettin a new pc & is a F.E.A.R fan(so he requires a real good pc ) his old pc sucks so he is gettin a new one here is the config plz suggest changes as required and plz also check the prices if they r correct budget=50,000 proocy- amd athlon 64 3700+ - ??? mobo- asus...
  12. ravidawar

    NFS MW Graphic issue

    hi guys i waited for a long time to play nfs mw.now wen i ve it i m gettin a problem that i m gettin a black color on the sky instead of blue sky with clouds.also the area where map is shown i m gttin total black color.is this a problem with my pc or is there any patch for this.plzzz help me...
  13. din

    Dialup using Mobile - Possible ?

    . Forgive me if this is a dumb question . Anyway here it goes Is it possible to use mobile for dial-up connection ? Like mobile->dialup->bluetooth->PC/Lappy . Requirement At present I use Airtel GPRS when I am on the move . I am gettin decent speeds (40/20 k) with GPRS in Kerala , but...
  14. A

    Viagraaa blues

    I ve been gettin this in my rediffmail account. Its drivin me crazy. On an average im getting almost 15 to 15 in a day. This has been goin on from almost a month. I always report them as spam in my inbox and they r moved to the junl mail folder. If earlier i was gettin 20 mails in a day...
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