Suggest Best Camera Phone between Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 ?


I am using Note 2 since last 3 years and now I think its time to change it .
Last year I had bought Nokia Lumia 1020 (used) but I had to sell it because it had lens problem .I've never seen great phone camera as 1020 and I expect that kind of picture quality from my new phone.I like to take outdoor & Indoor Pictures and I don't like to carry camera .
After spending some time on Internet I found that Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 has the best Android phone camera right now . But As for my knowledge S6 doesn't has Manual Shutter speed Adjustment as G4 has .So is there any possibility that I can do that adding 3rd party app ? As I like to click Light trail pictures .
So please suggest me If there are other phones like these for best camera .
G4 has a great set of manual controls. S6 has some of them, shutter control isn't one of them

But according to many reviews, S6 delivers better photos in daylight & G4 is a bit better at night. I'll say Samsung has better post processing. But if you like to tinker with manual controls, capture in RAW (S6 added that in an update, i guess), get G4.

For shooting in auto mode, S6 (Samsung has many downloadable camera modes too, check a S6 in showroom)
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