1. W

    Corsair CX550 issue with UPS

    I recently got a corsair CX550 psu & for first 4-5 days it worked perfectly but then it started having a strange issue.Whenever there is a power cut & I am playing some video with madvr using 1050Ti(for those who don't know madvr improves picture quality by using gfx card for running its...
  2. saswat23

    FSP APN series 700W.

    Would like to have reviews/opinions/suggestions about this PSU. The specs for the 700W model: Found a review of it, but I am unable to read it on my mobile. 파워서플ë￾¼ì￾´&HDD - FSP FSP700-80APN Anyone??
  3. G

    Suggest cheapest reliable PSU for HD 7770!!

    Guys, can a 350W PSU's suffice HD 7770?? Link --> Power Supplies - TechShop.in - Buy Tech Online Now!!! FSP SAGA II 350 350W Power Supply - Rs.1,686 FSP SAGA II 400 400W Power Supply - Rs.1,968 Link --> Theitdepot - Power Supply (PSU) Corsair VS Series VS350 - Rs.2,115 Is there...
  4. desai_amogh

    [Query] Warranty for FSP Saga II

    Hi Guys, Kindly advise how to get my broken FSP Saga II replacement or warranty repair. It still has some 5 months warranty left. I could not find any info on their website. Regards Amogh
  5. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Card for 10k.. runs on fsp saga II 500w

    I have a GTX 285, FSP Saga II, my PC reboots all the time while gaming.... or when CPU hits 100% while game is running inside a vmware.. Any way, budget is 10k for card, am sure all new cards take less power.. so what's it ? i think newer the better... the gtx 285 takes some ridiculous 320-360...
  6. mandarpalshikar

    Suggestions for PSU

    Hi Folks... I'm currently usingCorsair CMPSU-650TXV2UK 650 Watts PSU. My config is as follows Core i5 3570K (planning to overclock) CM Hyper 212 Evo (2 fans - push-pull config) Asus Maximus V Gene G.Skill Sniper 1600MHz 4GB x 2 ASUS HD7950 DirectCUII (planning to overclock) Corsair Force 3 60GB...
  7. zacfx05

    Intel based rig components-misc items

    Hello Frnds selling pc for laptop 1. Model number and details: Intel G620...................................3250 SOLD Biostar Tz68K+.............................5750 SOLD 4GB Corsair DDR3..........................1150 SOLD 1TB WD HDD................................2500 SOLD 1GB...
  8. H

    where to buy fsp saga 500 watt

    my friend is buying GTX 560 and he is going for fsp saga 500 watt psu so please recommend where to buy online as well as in chhattisgarh(raipur) he has a thread already but he has no internet connection so he won't be replying so please recommend me
  9. V

    fsp saga 500 watt

    hii i will buy GTX 560 after this month so i will need a good psu and i was suggested to buy Fsp saga 500 watt psu but i was confused from where to buy pleese suggest me a place or a website so that i can buy
  10. Jaskanwar Singh

    FSP AURUM CM 650M Review

    FSP AURUM CM 650M Review - Introduction
  11. stonecaper

    Corsair CX430v2 430w Vs FSP Saga II 500w Vs Seasonic S12II 430w

    Confused Between the Above PSus.Please help me to choose One. 1. I Like corsair Because its Corsair and has the best RMA service 2.I Like Seasonic because its supposed to be **THE BEST** and has a 5 year warranty 3.I like FSP because its 500w (More the merrier,aint it?),cheapest of the...
  12. F

    New UPS

    The following is my configuration. AMD PhenomII 955BE @3.2GHz Gigabyte GA 880GM-USB3 Sapphire HD 6770 4GB Corsair 1333 Mhz Dell IN2030M 20" LED Western Digital 500GB Blue Samsung DVD+RW FSP Saga II 500Watt CM Elite 310 I need a suitable UPS for this rig ..Thank you :)
  13. B

    About the warranty of FSP 500W PSU

    My friend wants to buy FSP 500W PSU online. He is thinking of buying from Prime ABGB or itdepot (Now shipping is free for a month). But both of them has not mentioned about the How many years of warranty.. and what type of warranty.. Also he wanted to buy the FSP but still confused with the...
  14. J


    A friends pc crashed recently. He's planning on buying a new one. Budget:- 20k. Update:- Budget is now 25k Needs:- 1.) CPU:- (he said he would like an x6) 2.) Mobo:- (Am3+ socket preferred) 3.) Ram:- (already decided-corsair vengeance 4gb) 4.) psu:- (fsp saga 500w?) Is any rig possible...
  15. guru_urug

    PSU+GPU upgrade (in phases)

    Im planning to upgrade my PSU and GPU in phases. My current config is in my siggy. I have been wanting to get a good quality smps for months but my dad doesnt understand this and so I saved some cash (2.5k) for a decent SMPS. Will be buying this week. My choices are: primeabgb fsp sagaII...
  16. P

    Motherboard and Processor at 15K

    My current AMD X2 processor failed so needed a new motherboard and processor : I already have: Sapphire HD5670 GPU and FSP SAGA II 500W PSU which i bought only 6 months back so i would want mobo+processor which would run perfectly with them. My budget is between 10-15k, sadly cant stretch...
  17. sanads

    PLEASE SUGGEST A PSU(VALUE FOR MONEY) FOR xfx nvidia gt240 1 gb ddr3

    it is urgent. I want to buy fsp saga ii 500 w but it is not available. Please suggest me where i find it in kolkata
  18. metalfan

    FSP saga II 350 W for this config?

    Athlon II x3 445 asus m478lt 2 GB Ram 500 GB hdd , LG 22x dvd writer, Sapphire 4670 , Will FSP 350 be enough for this rig ? If not then please suggest me another PSU in 1.5K also Is zebronics bijli a nice cabby for this rig?
  19. A

    Motherboard review needed and GPU options!!

    Hi guys, I am thinking of buying a new sandybridge config.So i had decided upon buying an Intel DH67BL motherboard for the i2400 processor.Looking at its very good price of 5.5k, I was wondering if this board has much to offer. Also what is the difference between an MSI 6850 and Sapphire...
  20. omega44-xt

    450w psu

    I'm planning to purchase a 450W PSU for my PC. Following PSUs are available in my city : - Intex 450 W @ Rs 650 - Mercury 450 W @ Rs 650 - Oddessy 450 W @ Rs 750 - Frontech 450 W @ Rs 680 Which one of the following is the best ? Note: It is difficult to get any other brand PSU , so...
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