1. abhigeek

    Dslr to buy from US on Black Friday. Budget 30K INR.

    Guys, I need a Dslr on black friday at budget of Rs 30,000 ($500). My cousin is coming from US next week. I not a photography geek. So I don't know what specs I should look in a camera. Kindly suggest me some. Thx - - - Updated - - - bump!!!
  2. Cyberghost

    History at midnight: India, Bangladesh exchange enclaves

    " now...and now we are freeeeeeee!" screamed Anwarul Haque, an 18-year-old high school student. Carrying a tricolour, he turned with a shriek of delight and sprinted through the moonlit village road towards a chawk on the neighbourhood that...
  3. SaiyanGoku

    Positive Experience Book from

    Bought Gate Guide Metallurgical Engineering by NA | books for Rs 340 Bubble wrap packaging was good and book has no damages. Ordered on sunday, expected delivery was this Friday but I recieved it yesterday itself. DTDC was the courier. Overall 5/5 for hs18 !
  4. B

    Blackfriday giveaway

    Black friday giveaway I found this interesting.. but indian sites are catching up on black friday :) Black Friday Recharge Giveaway is LIVE Now!! cBazaar Black Friday Sale is ON! Huge 50% off sale - All deals here Black Friday in India @ Shopclues :)
  5. deathwish

    Rebecca Black's Friday Available For Rent. Anyone interested?!

    Teenage pop sensation Rebecca Black has reached new levels for popularity with her song Friday, when it was made available for rent on YouTube for a mere $2.99. With 165 million views (and counting) on YouTube the fame she has brought upon herself is undeniable. [Source] If you are curious...
  6. K

    How to make excel format Day,Month,Date,Year- this order

    Dear All, I have a spreadsheet with a single columns of dates I would like to sort by the order as they appear in the calder with out loosing the current format of Day, Month, Date den year. eg :- (Below is the data i have ) Friday, October 06, 2006 Friday, October 13, 2006 Friday, October...
  7. desiibond

    Xbox 360 price drops go global on Friday, it's official

    Xbox 360 price cuts are coming Friday. The entry-level Arcade will remain at $200 while the top end Elite will drop to $300 from $400. The mid-range Pro (reduced to $250 from $300) will be phased out just as soon a they can eliminate stock. As a footnote to the announcement, Microsoft wants to...
  8. Rahim

    PirateBay Trial End in Jail Sentence

    PirateBay Trial Ends in Jail Sentences. Slashdot Link Full Article BBC Article
  9. s18000rpm

    Google launches - Mail Goggles

    Remember that time when you sent an email to an ex when you were drunk? Perhaps an email to that cute girl in the office that you've always wanted to speak to or perhaps a rant at your boss under the influence of beer? Google to the rescue! Google has announced "mail goggles". When you enable...
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Bailout already a failure! They already want more!

    The credit markets finally got a bailout bill, but the stranglehold hasn't let up -- a troubling sign that lenders and investors believe the package will only be a baby step in the long road to economic recoveryThe credit markets, where companies go to get cash loans, have seized up since the...
  11. S

    N96 available for 34,999

    finally.. n96 is available for 34,999... though some dealers say it's dependent on dealer to dealer.. if you r in del... u still nd to wait though :mad: they say short on stocks, will be better after friday... but no such prblm in chennai, bangalore and mum ..
  12. sibot

    PlayStation 2 - One Remote Controller - 2 Memory Cards - 43 Games

    PRICE SLASHED - Rs. 3,700/- Shipped PICS ADDED -29/12/2008 Hey all, I've got a PS2 that I want to sell off by this Friday max. Here are the details - Its around 1.5 years old. Sparingly used, my brother bought it from India for himself to use it while he was in Germany. He barely used it...
  13. a_tif

    XP not detecting my onboard lan anymore

    well this is kinda shocking :shock: Till friday morning my onboard LAN was working normally But from friday afternoon windows is not detecting it at all i checked BIOS , drivers , installed latest drivers from the net but in vain :mad: its not there in device manager , no problem devices...
  14. whoopy_whale

    Finding the second friday of last month

    How can I find the date of the second friday of previous month using Java ? Suggestions please...
  15. gary4gar

    Windows Live Messenger: Friday June 16th 2006

    Windows Live Messenger:will be made available to the public in 8 days, Friday 16th June 2006. The successor to MSN Messenger 7.5, Windows Live Messenger 8 is the first edition of the Messenger brand to be released under the new 'Windows Live' moniker. Windows Live represents Microsoft biggest...
  16. ferrarif50

    Microsoft to Buy Ebay?

    Source: * The New York Post created some buzz among those who didn't cut out of town early this (U.S.) holiday weekend by reporting Friday that Microsoft, for several weeks, has been discussing the possible acquisition of online auction site eBay.
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