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Microsoft to Buy Ebay?

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Cyborg Agent
now the eBay site will render properly only in IE7!


In the zone
WHAT !!!
This is a real biig news..
Google is just on the verge of making an online trading site & Imagine MS taking over Ebay..
I'd love to see that happen.
I wonder how MS will deal with Skype then.


Ya rite....
1. Microsoft buys Ebay..
2. Google buys AOL
3. Reliance buys Tata
4. Hutch buys Airtel....

then wat else guys??? *lol*


The pWnster
If that happens,

Ebay will render only on ie
Ebay will work only on genuine windows. They will attach the wga on ebay.
The OS community will start LEbay.
Ebay will lose to LEbay

PS: LEbay might be changed to a different name like LEbspire :)


Open Source Community provides sourcecode to all users so wat will it provide in LEBay - Products for free + Raw material + technonolgy how to make new product - Cool that will wipe out ebay in second. Why pay when you get finished product for free + raw material + techonolgy to produce new products...LOL
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