1. sling-shot

    Firefox shows websites differently on Windows and Linux

    I dual boot Windows XP and various Linux distributions (preferred PCLinuxOS) I have always seen that the same website appears more cramped for room when viewed in Linux. The menu bars displayed by most websites appear stretched into 2 lines in Linux while the same appears fine on Windows. The...
  2. ithehappy

    Wow, Chrome is disgusting!

    Well I was surfing net and thought lets connect the laptop to the TV and I did, was surfing with Chrome, like any kids do :lol: but I was shocked! I mean look at the fonts. It looked like someone painted quality mud on the webpages! So fcuking blurry! Wha the hell :-o Then just to check used IE...
  3. K

    Fonts from where?

    Hi Guys, Where can I get original English and Tamil fonts FOR TYPING either in Microsoft word or Windows 7 ultimate Word Pad (and exporting all either in PageMaker 7 or InDesign FOR PRINTING AND PUBLICATION WORKS)?
  4. rider

    How to get Ubuntu 12.04 UI fonts on windows 7 ??

    Hello, I want to know how can I access Ubuntu 12.04 fonts on windows 7 OS. I would like to mod the same fonts everywhere, included chrome browser. Please help!
  5. B

    Need help regarding choosing gpu

    Hi! my cpu configuration is below- amd athlon x2 260 3.2 ghz proceesor 4gb starlite ddr3 1333 ram gigabyte 78lmts2p motherboard iball lpe223-400 smps lg l1515s tft monitor my monitor's native resolution is 1024* supports two or three higher resolutions but it is not fitted in the...
  6. B

    Big fonts in some windows

    I am facing annoying big fonts issue in some of software windows. For e.g Winrar & Vmware Workstation. Screenshot is attached herewith. I have installed Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. I tried Ctrl+scroll, Ctrl+'-' but in vein. Pls guide
  7. sygeek

    Top 10 Programming Fonts

    Top 10 Programming Fonts Must try list for hardcore programmers. The font is the most important of a programmer's life and the guy over at HiveLogic came up with an amazing list of fonts descending their geekness. Although this list is based according to the preferences of most of the...
  8. S

    overloaded fonts

    my younger brother installed 10,000 fonts in my Pc,now im having problem with fonts specially when im using Photoshop my pc hang up for 3-4 mintues to load fonts.but i dont want delete windows default fonts,is there any way to extract default fonts from windows xp bootable cd,so that i can...
  9. Desmond

    Desktop fonts messed up

    I've encountered a funny problem. I used a software called FontFrenzy to remove unnecessary fonts (DeFrenzy) from my system. When I restarted, all the text on the desktop was italicised. After sometime, I found out that the Arial font family was set to italics and the Segoe family was set to...
  10. Desmond

    Fonts don't appear in Photoshop CS5

    I am using photoshop CS5 and am facing a funny problem. Of all the fonts that I have installed, all but 10 show up in photoshop. But, those 10 show up in other applications such as MS Word. Please help
  11. arpanmukherjee1

    C# Exception Problem

    hello, i am designing a form with a datagridview and assigning different fonts in all the cells. the prob is ArgumentException is thrown at random times when sLang.ShowDialog(). when the form is open. designer, code , resx file and "font folder" included:> Free File Hosting & Video...
  12. leo61611616

    Google Docs Gets Fontastic

    Until now, you could only see fonts on a webpage that you already had installed on your computer. This imposed a limitation on the web designer on the font variations he could use while designing a site. That situation is changing now as all modern browsers supports the ability to download web...
  13. quan chi

    windows fonts have changed.please help.

    hi guys well after uninstalling a software.the whole font style of my windows has changed. for example :-the webpages shows mostly in italics. is there anyway i can switch back to the normal mode.atleast can i make the webpages fonts normal as before. i have windows xp sp3. please...
  14. quan chi

    windows fonts problem please help.

    guys today i was running test drive unlimited and it suddenly crashed with a blank screen.after that i think my windows texts which were more dark became a bit light dark or grey be precise the desktop seemed a bit light i mean the sharpness was not there. so i restarted my...
  15. puneet.darji

    Which fonts???

    Hi, I'm came across this screenshot and found out the fonts to be good. I want to download this fonts but could not find out. I even tried in What's the font but in vain.I think these fonts are used in ubuntu but not sure. Kindly if possible give me link where i can download the fonts...
  16. Liverpool_fan

    Better Fonts for Indic Languages

    Can you suggest how can I set good fonts for Indic languages in Arch Linux? I remember I had Ubuntu some while ago and it had really good looking fonts for Hindi.
  17. S

    My right click menu shows Japanese fonts..!! Save ME..!!

    My right click sub menus (send to & open with) are shown in Japanese fonts. However when I hover my mouse over the links they temporarily revert back to English. How do I correct this? :cry: Also when I turn-off my comp an End Program Box appears saying that a program called...
  18. iMav

    Make Your Own Characters in Windows

    For all those Wall·E lovers, who wonder as to how to get the ‘center dot’ · and many other special characters like Copyright © or Registered ® or ™ Trademark, Windows has had this little application tucked away in it’s folder hierarchy that allows you do so, pretty neatly and efficiently. In...
  19. Sathish

    Font rendering problems in KDE 3.5.10/4.. Need Help

    recently, i added KDE Desktop environment to my Ubuntu 8.04 and now my KDE desktop looks ugly due to poor rendering of fonts.. i could not find any clear-look like options in fonts menu.. now my browser, some of menus, title bars are all looks dull. what will i do.. pl help me. i searched...
  20. hansraj

    Weird characters and fonts

    I have been using pdf camp printer for making pdf files from various sources which otherwise i would have to take an actual printout. However i have an application called jeppview (and aviation related.... ) which gives out some strange fonts and characters along with the printed pdf. With rest...
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