1. N

    add avatar

    Can anyone please help me out in adding an avatar to this forum. I am not finding it out here.
  2. S

    Accessing multiple PCs using cable & WiFi

    Extremely sorry i have started a wrong thread... not finding a way to delete it.
  3. pranjal.3029

    Motherboard for 2xTitan Z/2x R9 295X2

    I am planning on putting all my savings in 1 Extreme Rig for my new flat that I am moving into and have decided to go for Titan Z/R9 295X2 as my GPU of choice(Before you start screaming Overkill please do look into Graphics Card section for giving advice there). As per my research Titan Z and R9...
  4. R

    [Help]Battery Model for HP 2000 2116TU

    I have hp laptop 2000 2116TU.Now its battery is degraded.Please help me in finding correct battery model no for my laptop.
  5. sandyss

    MY bandwdith!!!

    Recently Some task or software has been using my internet bandwidth with my permission and is now now finishing up my limited Net usage (max 1.5 GB bsnl).:evil:. How can i detect or find our EXACTLY which software is doing this..Please tell me any software for finding out.. Please:cry:
  6. amjath

    Help finding Ozone Attack Snow headset

    Hi, Help me finding this Attack Snow [snow - white model] on any reliable source in India. I could not find it on flipkart. I ordered it on then the product is cancelled due to no stock so please help.
  7. pranavgautam67

    Dv6-6154tx Owners - a Question For You!!

    Please Answer This. I want to know if u are able to update your Gpu Driver to 12.6 version.. Well, i am not able to.... How to Do: Right clock on Desktop Graphic Properties Information Software Update Check For Update Are u finding any update??
  8. M

    switch over from keyboard to gamepad.....

    After a year of frustration finally i ve purchased a gamepad for pc to play fifa.This is the first time i am playing with a gamepad.I am finding it difficult to adjust.So guys can you help me....may be with some drills or practice exercise... :oops:..
  9. N

    Most preferred h67 motherboard?

    Please, I am looking for some help finding the best H67 motherboard for less than 6k. My config is as follows: Intel Core i3 2100 Corsair 430CX V2 Seagate Barracuda 1 TB (Sata 3 / 6.0 GBPS) Corsair 2 sticks of 4 GB (1333 MHz) ASUS DRW-24B3ST It's basically a "the best one can buy for a...
  10. V

    need help in finding some english learning sites

    please suggest me some good sites from where i can learn english.
  11. NitrousNavneet

    Casio hl122 calculator

    I don't know where to post it so i psted it here. My father want this calculator , because he is in practice with this model for more than 25 years. Dealers says that company is not making this model and there is no older stock.. I am finding on net but there is new version of it and it...
  12. F

    Finding Legal (and Free) Torrents

  13. mac555

    wifi router

    I need a wifi router......i will purchase from nehru place and my budget in Rs 3000 max me in finding good router...
  14. A


    Can anyone tel me how do d following graphic cards cost here in India?... 3Dlabs Oxygen VX1-1600SW ATI Xpert98XL 8M PCI ATI RADEON 7500 NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 Actually m finding a graphic solution for the SUPERMICRO X6DH8...
  15. G

    [Linux] Take Screenshot with Mouse Cursor

    Guys, how to take screenshot with mouse cursor in linux, i have tried GNOME Screenshot, KSnapShot and GIMP but no luck. In windows, i used IrfanView but i having difficulty finding program to take screenshot with mouse cursor. Any Application suggestions. Thanks in Advance...
  16. ajayritik

    Lost drivers CD for my motherboard DG 965 RY

    Hi Friends I lost my Motherboard Drivers CD recently. I checked on the net for the same but all the drivers seem to be available separately. Would there be any place on the net where I can get the complete set of drivers as they are available on the CD that came with the motherboard. I'm having...
  17. vaibhav_jain

    How can i search the printed add on a magazine and how can i download it? Please HELP

    I have a smal shoe box making buisness. i like an add printed in outlook india magazine february issue. i want to copy it can anyone tell me how can i find this add and load it from net. i tried every possible way like finding on google and browsing the homesite of magazine. but the results are...
  18. aQi_g

    drivers for my webcam!

    I got a webcam from my brother but he never game me the cd. Now, when i connect it to my pc it asks for drivers. Where can i get the drivers from. The make of the webcam is "U-te".. i tried finding the manufacturer's site but in vain,, plz help me install this webcam
  19. U

    PHP Course

    Pls help me finding a PHP certification course in DELHI.....
  20. rhitwick

    "Windows XP Blue Screen of Death STOP Codes"

    Disclimer: Guyz I've not written this don't thank me.........ok u can thank me for finding this :mrgreen: The source:
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