1. D

    Laptop pixel flickering

    The bottom line of my asus laptop is flickering. I am not able to figure out the issue.
  2. H

    Confusion: Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro Mi-535 or Micromax Canvas HD A116

    I am searching for the answer which one to buy, but can't figure it out. Can anybody suggest me ?? Thanks a lot.
  3. dharmil007

    Need help regarding EjB

    Hello guys. i Am new to EjB. i Have to do Library Operations in Ejb. i Have all the code {RemoteInterface, HomeInterface, eTc.} required to do the coding, but dont know how to implement it. i Know to how to code in JAva, but EjB has java but its execution is very much different. i...
  4. A

    Router Issues: Need help urgently

    Hello, I have recently purchased D-Link DSL- 2750U model. My Internet connection is working fine but the issue is that half of the websites are opening and rest are not opening. I am not able to figure out the reason for the same. Ex:,,, These are...
  5. A

    SMS stored on sim ??

    hi all i own a defy and want to transfer my old sms from my sim to phone but just cant figure out a way..pls help..
  6. windchimes

    Info needed on Google Sites

    Building a Google Site under my google account. Wish to know whether I can get an emailid under that site name I am creating. Looks dumb, but can't figure that out.
  7. M

    BEST LCD/LED TV with Internet apps like Skype

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a LED/LCD TV with skype, youtube and the best USB file format support.This is for my parents. I'm looking for 40/42 inch TV.I want to figure out which is the best one in these aspects. My budget is from 40-70 max, Please guide with with my experience
  8. S

    Need Help to build a website

    Hey! I know this is a very common topic but what i m looking for is a comprehensive reply...i have tried to follow some earlier threads but was not able to figure out much as i m not comfortable to all the technical any help is much i m rly srs abt doing this...
  9. C

    i can't figure it out!

    i can't figure it out whether these two threads are fake or what? * and * it claims to sell ipad and nokia n900 at 300$ dollars each. i find it hard to believe. can anyone help me find...
  10. S

    Please help

    Recently one of my clients PC has got struck in a strange problem. After booting up first time, refreshing it hangs every thing. And then the reset switch has to be pressed and its all right. Cant figure out the prob as there are no error messages. event log is also alright. Please help as I...
  11. M

    Help: Bulk Email Sender....

    Dear Friends, I have some 5,00,000 of email id for my website promotion i got it form my vendor. Now I want to send mails to these IDs can anyone suggest me any Bulk e mail sender I tried many but i could not figure it out the SMTP setting of the Yahoo. So please can any one has the idea of...
  12. skippednote

    Broadband Problem

    Guys i'm on BSNL Dataone h750UL, whenever i'm using broadband on my PC the landline in other room give a ell lots of noise. i can't figure out wats the problem. Another thing wat download speed should i get with the plan i have.:confused:
  13. garfield_56

    C++--tricky one

    Hey all... I guess most of u will figure this out....but anyways, i found it interesting, so i thought i'll share it with u all!!!! C++ without main() #include<stdio.h> #define decode(s,t,u,m,p,e,d) m##s##u##t #define begin decode(a,n,i,m,a,t,e) int begin() { printf(" hello "); }...
  14. Vivek788

    mp4 to avi

    I want to do mp4->avi in linux..I use ubuntu...please suggest an easy tool allow me to do tat..i couldn't figure out how to use avidemux.
  15. Zangetsu

    SMPS Watts

    :DIs there any tool/software using which I can figure out the watt of my SMPS/PSU ? :think: coz I couldnt figure how much watt is my PSU is...
  16. Zangetsu

    SMPS Watts

    :DIs there any tool/software using which I can figure out the watt of my SMPS/PSU ? :think: coz I couldnt figure how much watt is my PSU is...*
  17. subratabera

    Free software Easter eggs

    It is grey a dull, overcast day here in downtown Amsterdam. The weather is rather oppressive, summer’s smile long gone and my wine cellar miraculously has grown to quiet emptiness. However, I know a not too-well guarded secret. Hidden in the cracks, just at the edge of your eyesight, is extra...
  18. Ihatemyself

    The Whats that movie? thread

    I just noticed the whats that song? thread thought that sum ppl might be interested in knowing the names of movies they watched as kids or sometime ago and couldnt figure out what it was . Ill start . I saw some part of a movie two days back on sony pix.It was abt a boy with some face...
  19. talkingcomet

    Life in Mars??

    Source: *
  20. arun_0710

    Can't figure out the problem, help required!!!

    I have an intel celeron 1.0 ghz pro. with intel 810 chipset mother board, and 2 128 mb ram (133mhz), i have installed xp sp2. Now the prob is that whenever i try to rewrite any file (maybe any image or word docu.) by saving it, the system gets restart. I had tried reinstalling xp that couldn't...
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