1. iinfi

    how to set a default browser

    i m using RHEL5 and when i install the OS it comes with Firefox 1.5 now while installing firefox 3 i download the tar frm mozilla website and run the file firefox.sh it opens firefox and asks me to set it as default browser. once i do it as a root user i dont face any issues. now whn i...
  2. casanova

    Firefox - Extreme Torture

    I was using Opera since years when I finally started using FF3 after its launch. With some nice add-ons I became more inclined towards firefox. But what I hated about FF3 was it died with 100-120 open tabs on my 2GB RAM while Opera easily chewed 200+ tabs. After some tweaking (not with the ini...
  3. gauravsuneja

    (help)my firefox ver2 is restarting now a days showing error

    my firefox ver2 is restarting now a days i uninstalled and installed it .still the problem is there . i don't want to use ff3 as i get no good themes in it
  4. iMav

    FF3 CPU Usage

    For the past 1 week or so I have been observing that apart from consuming around 110MB RAM, FF3 has also been consuming ~45% CPU resources constantly. It hovers around 45% while browsing. i searched on the internet but couldn't find a solution that helped. Anyone else facing this or has a...
  5. P


    I'm trying out Firefox3. This is just about my first experience with FF, aside from a very brief time with FF2, and otherwise having seen it on other people's machines. I'd like help with two or three things that I'd like FF3 to do. In Maxthon 2, when you click on a link in favorites, it opens...
  6. Most Wanted

    Download them all

    Want "download them all" for ff3. Any solution? Previous version is not compatible with ff3. :mad:
  7. Sathish

    FireFox 3 problems.

    I have recently switched over from IE to FF3.. im enjoying with its speed and addons.. but, i have two problems. one is, i am not able to play audio streaming in FF3.. though i installed real player plug in.and all necessary media plugin... second one is, when i click any site link, it...
  8. krates

    IE8 is better then FF3 till now

    Yup you heard it right microsoft is not sleeping now they have passed acid 2.0 test which FF3 HAS FAILED TOOO http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2007/12/20/ie8-passes-acid2-test-web-standards-project-dies-of-shock/ Thanks krates
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