FireFox 3 problems.

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I have recently switched over from IE to FF3.. im enjoying with its speed and addons..

but, i have two problems.
one is, i am not able to play audio streaming in FF3.. though i installed real player plug in.and all necessary media plugin...

second one is, when i click any site link, it displayed "firefox did not opened.."
i loads the page only after i clicking reload page every time...

Any help...???


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weird problems
1. reinstall the browser(delete and install again)
2. Delete all plugins and download them again
3. Check your settings
4. Reset everything if possible
5. Check if internet connection is alright
6. Continue your life with ol' Internet Explorer
If not, try Flock, a gr8 browser but no addons


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Uninstall Firefox
Delete following folders
X:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data
X:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Mozilla
Do a registry clean scan (Optional)

If this not works
Then Better Try Opera cause its fast & good with many customizations (Not much like firefox )

OR switch back to IE
To get similar functionality in IE try IE7Pro

Or try Maxthon as it works on IE engine with Firefox like extensions


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That's not the question he asked, he wants to stick with Firefox. If it really doesn't work, go on IE or Safari. But try what I tell you to
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