1. Raaabo

    What happened next?

    Source: Aaron Tilley & Bored Panda What happened next is something you will never know, and you will have to find a way to live with that. Aaron Tilley is a photographer who was commissioned to create the most irritating photographs of all time! Now you will know what Sheldon Cooper's OCD to...
  2. nomad47

    Nexus 6P unboxing

    So I decided to join the Flagship Bandwagon and got myself a Nexus 6P. I will post a detailed review later. Posting some unboxing pics. Initial impressions: Blazing fast phone with a superb although a bit over saturated display. The camera is amazing and the phone feels sturdy and premium in...
  3. srkmish

    Need help regarding Lenovo S10-2

    Hi Friends, So i installed Win XP on my old netbook S10-2 and it feels much snappier now. Windows 7 SE was a burden for this thing. When i connect it to an external Monitor, the display feels low resolution . The netbook's max resolution is 1024*600 which looks fine in the netbook itself...
  4. X

    One Android phone costs 10000. Another 45000. Fair?

    Hey all... I will be honest. I have an Android Phone. A Motorola RaZr. Nice, big, good hardware. Games run smooth. Occasionally lags but that's OK. I paid 30000 for this phone. Good. I was happy. I was proud. Not anymore but. Why? Hears of MicroMaxx or Karbonn or even this now: Sigh. I'm...
  5. sygeek

    Recommendations for a good IRC client.

    Recommend me a good IRC client. Guys, Please recommend a good IRC client. I've used "mIRC + NNscript" and "ChatZilla" in the past and I'm too sick with them now. And now that I've been using IRC again a little back now, it feels too weird to use them all over again. Operating System -...
  6. J

    Opera fans

    so how it feels to be using the best browser
  7. K

    High end designer cases for iPad

    LV has made a protective cover for iPad thats going to hit the stores in 2011. Retail price is a “modest” 340 USD(and my android tablet bought from lightinthebox.com is half the price of that cover:twisted:). It looks and feels great but can anyone afford to buy it? How much have you spent on...
  8. giprabu

    Can someone review the game "BLUR"..?

    I came to know about it and saw its trailer.. pretty gud.. I just need to know how it really feels.. and does its gfx match up with split-second-velocity and nfs-mw ??
  9. maverick786us

    My 120MM fans are too noisy

    I have placed 2 120MM Amigo Fans on top panels of my CM 690 Case, some times they create so much noise like a hair drier that my whole tables feels like vibrating. Is it the general problem with these Amigo Fans? Can someone give me a solution?
  10. ray|raven

    Pie Dock.

    Just stumbled upon this, We all know of docks and recently 3d-docks thanks to apple and awn, Here's something that quite different. A PieDock. You can even try how it feels like using, with this demo here http://markusfisch.de/downloads/PieDockDemo/ Website:http://markusfisch.de/?PieDock...
  11. L

    Second Life Anybody?

    Was just curious if anyone from this forum is in second life. I don't have an account there but was just curious as i wanted them to post how it feels being there and is it worth it?
  12. Faun

    Tequila Vision!

    What it feels like after drinkin too much:D:D:D http://www.whatthefreek.com/tequila/
  13. the_moon


    My PC gets on stand-by mode in the middle of anything, anytime... whenevr it feels like!! Can anybody help?!
  14. ╬Switch╬

    Google ANSWERS discontinued!!!!

    Does anyone know why ANSWERS has been discontinued??????? Feels quiet strange to me.
  15. blackpearl

    Why Does Vista Use All My Memory?

    A rather different approach to the memory-hog "problem" of Vista. The writer feels its good that Vista uses so much memory!! :) http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000688.html
  16. rockthegod

    F.E.A.R Extraction Point

    Just downloaded and completed playing this demo. To say the least it is a very short but an excellent shooting experience. Some things which I have noticed: ** The Violence have been revved up. Now the game is and feels more violent than before. Can be termed ultra-violent. :) :) ** The...
  17. N

    Abt Monitor Got Blured

    Hi Dear Im Navi I Hv 17"monitor S/b Of Lg 700e - It Got Suddenly Blured I Can't See Any Clear Picture Eyes Are Feels Bad...plz Help I M Waiting 4 Ur Reply..... With Regards, Navi
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