1. D

    Gear VR 2016 or NOT

    Hi all, Hope you all are doing great, I have a Note 5 and was planning to dive into VR, my PC though capable of handling Vive, I want to wait for its second generation. For the time being I wanted to try Gear VR so was thinking should I buy the Gear VR 2016 now or wait for the mobile Congress...
  2. bssunilreddy

    Best Upcoming PC Games Titles in 2016

    Hai, Here are Best Upcoming PC Games Titles in 2016 Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen -Jan,15 Resident Evil Origins Collection -Jan,19 Rise of the Tomb Raider -Jan,28 XCOM 2 -Feb,5 Unravel -Feb,9 Dying Light:The Following -Feb,9 Far Cry Primal -Mar,1 Tom Clancy's Division -Mar,8 Hitman...
  3. topgear

    Is this genuine ??

    Recently Purchased DDr3 4GB ram module from Amazon.in. The box pack of the ram is totally different from what I've purchased on Feb 2015. Please have a look and tell me if it's genuine ? or else I'll return it.
  4. SaiyanGoku

    Positive Experience Raipur- LG Optimus G

    URL of product: LG Optimus G E970 - 16GB (Unlocked ) 4G LTE Quad-Core Android Smartphone Date of purchase: 31 January 2014 Tracking ID / Order ID: Not posting on purpose Your PIN Code: 492001 Courier used: ICCWORLD/Bluedart Praise / Complaint details: 16 GB MicroSD card is missing (USA buyers...
  5. U

    [For Sale] Sony XPERIA Z - FEB 2013 Purchase

    Model: Sony Xperia Z (unrooted, stock rom) Condition: Like New with scratchguards on back and front from day 1, no scratches or visible scuff marks anywhere, never submerged under water :P Date of Purchase: 14th Feb, 2013 Original Box with bill, accessories and everything provided with the...
  6. M

    my club to organise Auto Show in Kerala, pls share your thoughts and ideas.

    Folks, in Feb our club is to organise an Auto Show. i am its convenor. interested to get your thoughts and bits to make an interesting plan. yes, we confirmed. that will happen in FEB second week in 2012. if u have any contact with any club/ individual with Vintage Cars, pls be kind to...
  7. bobby23

    Vancouver film school - Game design Feb 2012

    I am thinking of game design in Vancouver film school for Feb 2012. I would like your opinions on the game design course in VFS. I would like to know about: 1. How good is it? Is it worth spending the huge amount or are the private institutes in India like ICAT, Arena etc. better? 2. How is...
  8. guru_urug

    (Bad News) Seagate: HDD production wont normalize till end of 2012

    Seagate: HDD Production Won't Return to Normal For 1 Year This sucks...I was hoping to get a new HDD by next Feb atleast. :-x Well I guess theres no point in waiting anymore
  9. evewin89

    Getting blank calls from delhi?

    HELLO EVERYONE MY NEME IS CHRIS AND FROM YESTERDAY ONWARDS M GETTING BLANK CALLS FROM DELHI. THE PERSON WHO IS MAKING BLANK CALLS FROM DELHI MOBILE NO.IS- 8287053953 (call received on 3rd feb 2011) 9650530809 (call received on 8:51 AM on 4th feb 2011)9650530809 airtel gsm delhi SO...
  10. A

    Kurukshetra 2011 Mobile Robotics

    Since ROBOTICS field is developing and it is a necessity to meet future demands.. Our University proudly presents a WORKSHOP on ROBOTICS "MOBILE ROBOTICS" in the upcoming technical festival "KURUKSHETRA 2011" to be held in FEB 2-5 at Anna University,chennai-25. For futher details...
  11. A

    Kurukshetra 2011 SCARA

    Since ROBOTICS field is developing and it is a necessity to meet future demands.. Our University proudly presents a WORKSHOP on ROBOTICS "SCARA" in the upcoming technical festival "KURUKSHETRA 2011" to be held in FEB 2-5 at Anna University,chennai-25. For futher details please...
  12. G

    dual core 2.0 and 8600 gt card for sale

    i have an e2180 dual core processor bought in feb 08 and an 8600gt card 512mb ddr2 which is bought feb 08 and in good condition the price of the processor is for 2.3k and the price of the card is 2.5 to 3k to make further contact giri52ssps@gmail.com
  13. H

    is it the right time to buy an iPod

    I have planned to buy an iPod Touch.! Now guys tell me whether this is the right time to buy an iPod Touch. I'm am looking at the 16GB model. I browsed the internet to find that Apple usually releases the new models around Feb or every year or in the Sept of every year.. Now this Feb has...
  14. Ecstasy

    Tomorrow Feb 15th CET exam!!

    Namaskar, Tomorrow Feb 15th is the CET exam so anyone appearing for it? I for one haven't prepared anything yet lol. Anyway, best of luck for your exams whoever is giving it.
  15. Coool

    3G for mumbai in feb......

    MTNL is launching 3G services in feb for mumbai.... http://tech2.in.com/india/news/telecom/mtnl-to-launch-3g-services-in-mumbai-in-february/57492/0
  16. prashant9918

    what is ur birthdate?

    hey guys please tell me ur birthdate. mine 1 feb. 1988:)
  17. debsuvra

    Google Service is DOWN!

    Google is really down this time as no Google service pages is opening. Home page of Google, GMail and even Blogger is not opening. :mad: They all are giving a damn error named Generated Wed, 20 Feb 2008 04:44:40 GMT by . (squid) Guys, please confirm it. :confused:
  18. joyson

    Valentine's Day ???

    Hi guys 14 Feb is just near by, i m so confused what should i giv to my girlfriend , please help me out with some suggesions regarding valentine it's my first with her.???????:rolleyes:
  19. gxsaurav

    Going to Pune

    Ok quite an off topic post here. I am leaving for Pune today at 6:30 am with my father for my Group Discussion & Personal interview in SCIT Hinjewadi. I will be staying in a hotel which I still have to book, however I have no idea about Pune, how things work here & I don't know marathi...(hope...
  20. abhijit_reddevil

    MUTV online free to view on wednesday, 6th feb 2008

    Hurry up Manchester United fans!!! MUTV online is up for free viewing on 6th Feb 2008. http://www.manutd.com/default.sps?pagegid={B4CEE8FA-9A47-47BC-B069-3F7A2F35DB70}&newsid=527969 Actually saluting the players and officials who died in the tragedy 50 years ago at Munich.
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