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  1. A


    Hello I would really like help on making a gaming pc for 40000 with sound and wireless card for cod and battle field and farcry please i need it fast.Thanx
  2. N

    How much FPS will I get in FarCry 2 with this configuration???

    Hi, I have: Intel C2D E8400@3.0GHz, 3GB RAM, Intel DG31PR, Sparkle GeForce 9600GSO 384MB O.C 680/1717/1102:rolleyes:. How much FPS will I get in FarCry 2? Please reply guys as I am going to buy if the FPS more than 30FPS at Ultra High Settings. Please reply. I would be grateful8-)
  3. N

    Gtx260 Vs Hd4870

    Hi, I am stuck in deciding which one to buy.... POV NVIDIA GTX 260 GPU or PALIT Radeon™ HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition All i am worried about is future game support from this cards....DOOM3, Farcry, COD are types of games that i live on. Please help me decide, i have ASUS P5B- Deluxe...
  4. furious_gamer

    Onboard v Dedicated

    Hi friends, See my siggy for my system spec. Just a few days ago i remove my gfx card and i want to know about my onboards capabilities. My onboard video is NVIDIA 7050 with 512MB of VRAM and when i play farcry with very high settings, the frame rates seems to be lower than my previous...
  5. A

    Getting the basics right

    hii guys & gals I m new at digit forum...I wanna upgrade my comp... So please suggest me good intel pro(C2D) & motherboard with integrated graphics solution under Rs.8000.. I intent to play games such as Quake 4, Farcry, Crysis, HL2, Halo series,etc...I definetly cann't afford a good...
  6. ayahuasca

    Gamers Of Kerala

    For The Good Gamers In Kerala To Meet And Share Whatever You Have, Whatever You Posses, Whatever You Create . . . MY CURRENT GAMES GRID F.E.A.R. (also extraction point) CRYSIS FARCRY FLATOUT 2 TORIBASH CALL OF DUTY 1 (multiplayer) UNDERGROUND 2 (multiplayer)
  7. ionicsachin

    xfx 6600gt + farcry original

    hi guys i ve just bought a new system so i ve some things to sell from old rig: xfx 6600gt 128mb ddr3 agp8x shader model 3... including cool xfx box and all driver cds...i ll even provide the latest drivers..the card is one year old and is full directx9.0c supporting..gives stunning visuals...
  8. M

    games that can be played by 7300?

    Hi ppl i am on tight budget n upgrade my graphics card for agp8x mobo.I think 7300 suits my budget.Can it play 1. FEAR 2. Farcry 3. Doom3 4. Gta Sa 5. GEARS of War 6. Crysis? Thanks whats difference between le,gt,ve versions?Thanks once again.
  9. P

    FARCRY help

    hi I am prakash . I am playing a game on PC called FarCry . I dont know what I should do I dont see any way . In the training ( chapter number one) . I have travelled through the buggy. then I came near a wracked ship by swimming . The ship have many enemies as they r shooting at me . I see...
  10. W

    EA or Ubisoft

    EA or Electronic Arts, f*cked up many games like the Harry Potter series, Godfather, Need For Speed, etc. IMHO, they can do only one thing, SPORTS nothing else. Ubisoft has always impressed me with the Prince of Persia, Brothers in Arms, CSI, FarCry, Splinter Cell, etc.. I better watch an...
  11. 56561

    asking about FarCry

    I played many FPS games like FEAR DOOM3 RTCW MaxPayne 1 2 SWAT COD SOF many others also . However just few days ago I saw one parson was asking about a game named FARCRY in a game shop . previously I havent heard about that game . later that evening I searched the net about FARCRY . the games...
  12. T

    Ubisoft Games leak.

    http://ve3dboards.ign.com/message.asp?topic=25081655 include Splinter Cell: Conviction, Farcry 2, Farcry PSP, Prince of Persia 4, and Lost..
  13. Stalker

    Farcry loads 2 slow

    hi guys, i tried out farcry,......the loading times are like hell on my 256 RAM,usually takes abt 5 min, the game runs smoothly though. is there any way to speed up the loading??? damn.....it loads even slower than FEAR & Quake 4
  14. Stalker

    Farcry or pandora tommorow

    guys, i have the foll config 1.6 Ghz P4 256 mb RAM 128 MB Fx5200 Ultra i was plannin to buy FarCry or Splinter-cell: pandora tomorrow? can someone tell me which game will run smoothly on my config?? will Hitman : blood money work smoothly?? wat is its retail price? Thx in advance...
  15. ionicsachin

    Please Please Please say "YES" for this...

    Will HALO 2 and FARCRY INSTINCTS be released for PC? Are the variuos mods available for farcry free to download?
  16. abhijit_reddevil

    Coolest (and maybe most powerful) weapon in a game

    I know it's hard to tell, there are many weapons which have their strengths and weaknesses but let us try to list at least five of them. I may be missing some as I have not played games like Star Wars: Republic Commando, Quake4 and COD-2, Splinter Cell, etc but anyway... My listing is: BFG...
  17. Third Eye

    Crysis with CryEngine 2

    Crytek confirms Crysis (the new game of crytek)will release on this year. The graphics are superb and reminds you of FARCRY. for more info go to http://pc.ign.com/articles/698/698600p1.html
  18. KoRn

    LATESHT X BOX games

    hey guys canu tell me the latest and best games i can buy for the xbox apart from black and farcry instincts>BTW how much do orginal games cost?????
  19. sysrq

    farcry mod featuring bullet time?????

    friends! is there any mod for "farcry" & "half life 2" & "doom3" [not d3roc bcoz in it we have time control ability ] featuring bullet time or controlable slow motion during game fights. i was able to find the same for ut2004 bullet time mod and it is good.
  20. g_goyal2000

    Blank Screen In FarCry

    Sometime ago, I installed Farcry retail version & installed Farcry v1.3 Patch over it (2 months to be precise). I have DirectX 9.0c installed. I was using Nvidia drivers v71.89 then. The game ran fine. After playing the game, I uninstalled it. Now I'm using Nvidia drivers v77.72. Now when I...
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