1. H

    Buying advice for headphones ~2k

    I need to buy a pair of over-the-ear headphones for my dad. He only listens to retro and old Hindi cinema songs (Rafi, Kishore Kumar et al) so the following are my main factors of buying a new pair. I myself am a IEM user, so I have no idea wrt to over-the-headphones. Please suggest some good...
  2. M


    On which factors, the usage of Ram by an application depend?
  3. girishpaiv

    Movie/music spakers 4k

    Guys please suggest me great speakers for near 4k mainly for movies n music in my hostel room(i think 2.1 will be better here..) I read earlier posts n seems like everyone r reccomenting Edifier C2 But it seems this one :Sony SRS D8 is highly rated n favoured in FK... What do you say...
  4. P

    need suggestion in buying external harddisk

    Hi, i need to buy external usb HDD 1 tb with out powercable ,what are the factors that i have to look in , i mean hardware factors?
  5. sanithkk81

    Incredible S vs Xperia Arc

    Which phone is better? Factors to be considered: Sound quality Camera Video quality UI
  6. papa

    AMD Fusion Launched in INDIA

    Global chip-maker AMD today announced the launch of a new chipset that offers higher computing speed and better graphics quality than its predecessors. The new 'Fusion' processors incorporate a graphics card (GPU) and microprocessor (CPU) on a single chip, allowing computer-makers to develop...
  7. C

    Help needed selecting mother board

    Hi, Need to take a new mother board to replace an Intel D945 GCNL. Need to select mother board such that it can work with existing components. Can you please suggest some mother boards and what factors to be looked into? and also should I go for Intel or Gigabyte or any other brand(in terms...
  8. N

    biostar tp35d2-a7 vs msi p35 neo f

    Hello frnds which is the best mobo out of the above ip35 chipsets for e7200 c2d. plz compare various factors like performance, reliability,..etc and help me choose the best one. i will not OC.
  9. H

    Re: Tv Tuner

    Hi I would like to know from people who have used Tv Tuners, what kind of picture quality can be expected. What are the factors it is dependent on. I have installed one on my desktop(Hauppauge WinTv USB2 Stick)) and the pic. quality is very poor.... Thanks
  10. Batistabomb

    Suggest a ajob or profession for the person above you

    guys suggest a profession for the above guy by seeing his pic or name or some factors
  11. Batistabomb

    King Khan vs Hrithik vs Amir Khan

    guys come let us discuss different aspects about who are great among these,remember verify all of the factors my voting is : Sharukh : 55% Hritik Roshan : 25% Amir Khna : 20%
  12. S


    WHICH PRINTER MODEL TO BUY......... My requirements (ideally) and limitations... 1. I want one laser printer for home office... 2. I want preferably a colour laser printer (but if cost is too high than black and white laser printer will do) 3. My budget is Rs 5000- Rs 10000...
  13. S

    mirror sites

    when i download some files, i am sometimes given the option to select a mirror site. cud someone enlighten me as to what are the factors which affect the download speed i get (if any) eg. proximity etc ?
  14. suave_guy


    Hey guys.... Look one thing is for sure that future belongs to the computer gaming, but for the time being i think i would like to shift from the computer gaming platform to the console platform. The reasons are quite obvious like.... most of the games needs you to constantly upgrade ur...
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