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  1. Samarth 619

    MY experience of modifying a Pulsar 180 to 208cc and many other modifications.

    Guys, I was sent a PM by a member regarding modifying a Pulsar 180 UG3. I by mistake, wrote a full letter on it. :D So, just to share the knowledge, let me post a copy of it here, for everyone's benefit. I request you to go through it if you think it might help. Brother, as of now, I...
  2. krishnendu

    Need Cooling Suggestions

    I have a NZXT gamma cabinet and my PC room temperature gets very high during summer. Now as you all know there are options to install two 120mm fans[intake] on side panel and two 140/120mm fans[exhausts] at the top. I'm already having one rear exhaust and one front intake 120mm fan. I will...
  3. nomad47

    Additional Cabinet fan placement

    Hi all, Need your help again :P I recently bought a desktop and opted for a NZXT Guardian 921RB cabinet. The cabinet has 3 fans. One front bottom (intake), one side panel (intake) and one rear (exhaust) All these are 120 mm fans. There is a provision for a 120 or a 140 mm fan on the top of the...
  4. vineetrok

    Optimum Placement of fans for cooling

    Cabinet Description: Vip cabinet with PSU mounted on top, 2 Fans, 1 is at the rear and acts as exhaust, other is on the side panel (opposite to Processor) which acts as exhaust too. Using the stock Fan for the Processor (i5 3570). I'm not sure whether its drawing the air out or in. Ideally it...
  5. akhilc47

    Case fan doubt

    Hey I'm going to purchase a few case fans. I saw few videos of some fans with LEDs to see how it looks(Never bought a fan with LED before). And I was thinking of using 140mm blue led fan on top as exhaust. But when I saw the video exhaust side of the fan was not looking very nice. For an...
  6. vanpr7

    Urgent - Installation of liquid cooler

    Guys I have a Cm Seidon 120 XL liquid cooler and a HAF 912 cabinet. I had installed the radiator with two fans - one on either side, as exhaust (air being pushed out. I saw in a video for the installation that it should be for intake. Please can somebosy tell me if I should use it for intake...
  7. S

    How to Install Fans?

    Hello , I would like to know how should i install the fan in my cabinet Zebronics Yuvraj It has Two Place for fans one is the rear and the other is at side (front of the processor fan) So how should i install exactly mean where to put exhaust and where in?
  8. T

    Motherboard Temps

    Hi, I have an Intel DH67BL (B3) motherboard and the PCH temperature is always around 60C. It usually fluctuates from 58 to 61C but I am worried this is high. Also, the VR idles at 33-35 and under load it reaches 38-43C. The 'memory' shows temps around 33-39C. I think the VR and Memory...
  9. avichandana20000

    What airflow do u have?

    What airflow setup do u have? Here goes mine : GREEN = INTAKE FRONT 120mm, BOTTOM 140mm and FRONT TOP 120mm RED = EXHAUST CPU COOLER FAN is xtraflow, REAR EXHAUST is also extraflow, TOP EXHAUST is NZXT 140mm. Idle temp is 44 and load is 50.
  10. N

    How to know if a fan is intake/exhaust??

    Can someone please tell me ,how to identify and also how to install them as i really don't know how to..... I want one exhaust for rear ,one exhaust for top and one intake for side. As for the side fan i want a transparent fan ,so please tell me which one to choose from coolermaster and...
  11. A

    H100's Fan, Intake or Exhaust ???

    I am planning for corsair 400r cabinet (not yet purchased & may change) (budget 5-6K max) and will have the Corsair H100 mounted on the top. I keep reading people saying they have it as intake some people as exhaust. What would be the most efficient configuration on this cabinet? will keep...
  12. U

    Which Case Fan To Get?

    My cabinet (X-tech) didn't come with one, so i am planning to buy one with my graphic card. I'll be installing it in the rear. Which one do i go for 120mm or 80mm? Should i use it as an exhaust or intake? Budget 300-400 bucks. Phenom II X4 960T Gigabyte M68MT-S2 Corsair 4GB DDR3 Seagate...
  13. P

    help out a noob wont you!!!??(with cooling)

    ok heres my system specs intel icore i5 2500 asus p8p67 pro g.skil ripjaws f3-12800cl9d-4gbxl zotac nvidia gtx 560 ti (x2) seasonic ss750 js seagate 1 tb 7200.12 lg h55n CM 690 II (with transparent side panel) wat i want to know is what type of fans do i have to buy (if any) cause...
  14. Revolution

    All About Case Fan

    Please help me ! I want to add an exhaust fan(120mm) at the rear in my case. I have never been bought any case fan before. I have few queries about case fan. 1.branded or non-branded(if branded then which brand) 2.LED or non-LED 3.price 4.shop in Kolkata How can I differ between a exhaust fan...
  15. G

    Zebronics Antibiotic design

    Hi All, The zebronics antibiotic has three fans, one on side, temperature controlled rear fan and a switch operated roof fan. All three fans seem to be exhaust fans. Would it improve cooling if you have a fan on front to pull air in , exhaust fan on rear, temperature controlled side panel...
  16. K

    Cabinet Exhaust FAN

    Hi, This thread would seem weird but i have onw query reagrding the cabinet exhaust fan. I have an ASUS board which supports Q-Fan(mobo has the power pins to connect for exhaust fans) technology. In my current state i am using the traditional exhaust fans to blow the warm air out of...
  17. john_the_ultimate

    is it ok or not?

    After around 2 hours or more of doom 3/ HL2 the temperature are as follows: CPU:63 C ZONE 1 : 47 C ZONE 2 : 50 C HDD : 49 C If I don't play games but surf net or watch movies/music for around same amount of time or more the temp. are as follows: CPU : 52 C ZONE 1: 44 C ZONE 2: 47...
  18. siriusb

    Ventilation for elegance

    Hi, I just assembled a amd64 3200+ (@2150GHz) system on a asus a8ne motherbord onto a zebronics elegance cabinet. The cabinet came with two side panel exhaust fans and a grill at the back side of the cabinet (no fan). I checked the cpu temperature with asus's Ai booster software. The...
  19. F

    a question about the position of fan

    I recently attached a 80mm fan to the side panel of the case (cabinet). Its position is just above the position of my processor in the mobo. Now shud I make it a intake fan or an outgiving (exhaust) fan Sorry 4 the images they r taken by my webcam :cry: :lol:
  20. D

    Building a Gaming Rig, Please help

    Hi all, I am interested in building a gaming pc, my budget is around 70 K AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 939 MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Kingston 512 400MHz DDR XFX Geforce FX 6600GT Samsung 793DF 17" Black/Silver Pioneer DVR-108 Seagate 80GB 7200 Logitech Z-680 5.1 THX Antec SLK 3700 BQE...
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