1. sandeepthapa31

    Possibility to listen MP3 through Bluetooth (W800i)

    Dear All, Could any body tell me is there a possibility to listen MP3 tracks through bluetooth, I own W800i. The reason being I recently lost my head phones of SE w800i. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. zegulas

    Is America better than India???

    What I mean to ask is that, the standard of living in America is much better compared to here in India, why is it so??? Why can't we (India) become developed fast? The government has so much of money, don't they??? :evil: Don't think I have gone mad, just want your opinion about this...
  3. tarey_g

    Resident Evil 4 coming to PC

    Though Resident Evil 4 spent a good part of 2005 as a GameCube exclusive, it found new residency on the PlayStation 2 in October. Now it appears that the game may be infecting another platform, the PC. According to retail site Play.com, Resident Evil 4 for the PC is scheduled to hit Europe...
  4. I

    Resident Evil 4

    Hey gamers out there- any body has completed Resident Evil 4? I m now on it on PS2 and its an awsome game. Wat y`all say about it?
  5. anandk

    now rootkits in norton systemworks !!!

    and now Symantec uses rootkits (after sony) ...in norton systemworks threatening ur security... :evil: click http://blogs.zdnet.com/Spyware/?p=747
  6. N

    Problem With My Monitor and UPS

    I have recintly bought samsung SyncMaster 793S 17'' Monitor. My problem is, In my monitor I am able to see some curves like wave on left and right side of the screen. What might be the problem ???? Whether the problem is with my monitor or with my GFX card?????? Will there be any problem...
  7. V

    Will Resident Evil work ?

    Hey guyz, I was wondering that whether Resident Evil 4 for PS2 will work on PC through any PS2 emulators ? I am not sure, because I think only few games work. Help, I am dying to play this game. :(
  8. LegendKiller

    F-Secure2006 installation blues!

    See i am frustrated with f-secure because everytime i install it ,it gives me a blue screen on booting.When i asked their support they said i will have to"EVEN" un-install ad-aware before installing it cause it conflicts with their software!! :evil: :evil: I have never seen this with any...
  9. I

    Yahoo Audibles

    From where we can download YAHOO AUDIBLES.Any yahoo message decoder(free) :evil: :x :P :oops: :wink: :roll:
  10. iNFiNiTE

    Best BACKUP and FILE RECOVERY Solution ?

    I was resizing one of my partitions and i don't know how the newly created partiotion got written on my BACKUP partition. :evil: :evil: All my data was lost :cry: . I tried recovering the data with Easy Recovery pro but most of the recovered data was corrupted. Please suggest a good file...
  11. vandit

    Debian ?

    now what's debain .... after shacking my brains after terms like GNU,GNOME,KDE,RPM,etc..... this word has appeared before me! :evil:
  12. Sourabh

    Resident Evil 5 coming to 360, PS3

    Resident Evil 5 coming to 360, PS3 Capcom's flagship horror survival series will infect both Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles. Since January, GameCube owners have been the only American gamers able to enjoy Resident Evil 4. But while the best-selling, critically lionized...
  13. KoRn

    CD-R problem

    my cd writer(SONY 52x) writes at only 48x speed when its written on the cover in the boc and the writer itself dat its speed is 52x.wats wrong???its pretty frustrating.please help me guys.i cant change it from nero cuz speed is only till 48x!!!!!!! :roll: :evil:
  14. R

    Help Required In Crciket 2004 Cheats

    pls give me cricket 2004 cheats :oops: 8) :twisted: :evil: :)
  15. rajat22

    Corrupt Window Media Player 10,help please

    Using XP Pro SP 2. After a compulsive system restore,Window Media Player 10 went corrupt :cry: :cry: :cry: . I wanted to reinstall it again & again but I think some registry keys are left behind & preventing reinstallation. :evil: :evil: :evil: Can any one to help me to remove WMP 10...
  16. R

    seal of evil

    can anybody tell me the cheat codes of seal of evil
  17. expertno.1

    Mouse problem--F1 please

    whatz happening even i dont touch my mouse the pointer on the screen keeps on moving ! and if i have to clcik on some small button..next button is clciked :evil: i am getting mad it always drags here and here
  18. Choto Cheeta

    Secrets Regarding Nokia 7610

    well there was tread somewhare about nokia code i didnt visited that ever.... but now when i need to see that treard i cant find it.... :evil: :evil: well i found this web site about inetrnel commands through punching few numbers... http://www.nokiainfo.net/info/nokia-secrets.php but...
  19. I


    In July's month Digit u discribed that there is MIDTOWN MADNESS 2 on the cover of the Digit. But I got MIDTOWN MADNESS 1. So please help me that it is MIDTOWN MADNESS 1 OR MIDTOWN MADNESS 2... :D :) :( :o 8) :? :shock: :P :oops: :cry: :wink: :roll: :twisted: :evil: :!: ...
  20. S

    For all modem speciallists using BSNL connection

    Some problems that i am facing 1) Opera always shows network problem and does not open any site 2) No Secure site Opens 3) I tuned my modem by TUNEUP UTILITIES2004 how to roll back 4) Tell me a free downloader except DAP and FLASHGET 5) Yahoo Messenger doesn't signs in i use kaspersky...
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