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  1. Cyberghost

    Equal Wages for all people in India Agree or Not?

    Do you agree in setting equal wages for all people in India. For example an IAS officer will have to get the same salary that of a class 4 officer. I think it will reduce corruption,crime etc.
  2. L

    Samsung NP300V5A-A08IN Review Plz

    Hi i want to know this laptop dteails and review if anyone using this please tell me . Is it better or equal to HP Pavilion G6-2005AX .
  3. C

    Problem with every headset in every computer

    Hi, I have 2 laptops and 2 desktops. One of the desktops is brand new. In all of them, when I am using a headset, I am finding that the sound on one side is very less compared to the other side. When I adjust the volume then the sound is equal on both sides. So only at some particular volume...
  4. B

    php array adding to empty array

    I am using array to add up numbers from database and wonder if this would be valid: $array[10] = $array[10] + 1 However the initial array has not been set and is without value. Would it assume that it is equal to 0 and after the above line become 1? I hope I am explaining this right...
  5. A

    How to divide bandwidth equally between 2 comps?

    Hi, i have a "pronet pn-54wrt" router, i am sharing my tataindicom comnnection with my roommate, if 1 pc is downloading a heavyfile, then the second pc get very little bandwidth. is there any way in which both pc's can get equal share of bandwidth?
  6. JohnephSi

    Help me

    How much MB is equal to 391151 KB ....is it equal to 382 MB ? .....i get a download speed of 260 KB/sec ...How much is it in MB/sec ?
  7. L

    how to delete an stuborn programme

    please tell me how to delete a programme if it has no unstall utility with it in start all programme list , and also if it does not show up in control panel add remove programme quote: all men are equal some are more equal than others
  8. int86

    Removing a Capacitor

    I have a Intex 2600W pseudo 4.1(actually 2.1) speaker. As shown in below figure, there are two capacitors. Will removing those capacitors do any harm to circuitory inside. I want to acheive equal sound in all four speakers. Below is picture of output socket seen fron outside and inside.
  9. R

    equal bandwidth.

    I share airtel connection among pc. When one pc is downloading through a hi speed connection then other gets choked. How can I set the QoS on router (which is beetle 220BX) so that both pcs get equal share of the bandwidth.
  10. Anindya

    Splitting problem.

    I had 2 clips of different sizes. Both r in DV format. I brought them together in Nero then exported them to make one file. Its ext is avi. Now i want to split the file into 2 equal halves. I tried few sw but none are satisfactory. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  11. JohnephSi


    Is EDGE equal to EGPRS ? Does Nokia 5200 come along with a data cable for connecting through pc.
  12. W

    can BSNL be sued for not providing "equal" up speed?

    Can BSNL's Dataone service be sued in a an consumer forum for not providing "equal" upload speeds? When other operators are doing so, why cant BSNL do the same?
  13. Z


    i get this blue screen with memory dumping....irql not less or equal ...please help.....i get it when i surf the net
  14. H

    Query about a/v formats in k700i

    hey guys, i wanted to know the best format to store audio and video in k700i. i had read somewhere on A forum that 32 kbps mp4 audio is equal to 128 kbps mp3, but this is not true. i tested it and even a 48 kbps mp3 sounded better than a 48 kbps mp4 audio. what's ur opinion? and also, in...
  15. W

    torrents problem

    i have a p4 1.5 ghz 128mb sdr 80 gb hdd intel chipset board when i use torrents (bitcomet) on xp i get a blue screen which says driver irql not less or equal if you are seeing this meassage for the first time ........... blah blah blah this only happens when i download...
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