1. seamon

    Am I in England?

    There's something wrong with my BSNL connection these days as my location shifts to England. When I am chatting with my friend on FB, it shows that I am in England. When I google search anything(like a cell phone), it shows price in punds. LOL HELP!
  2. eggman

    eggman's Sports news online

    Hello dear members As you can see from my avatar,thread title and thread starter part I'm eggman ... . I love sports and all related news, and for that reason I started this thread. Why create new posts in the Random News section, when you can have all the news under here.. People...
  3. MetalheadGautham

    India PWNS England

    You SHOULD have watched the ODI today. India totally pwned England in the match. ;-) See cricinfo.com for details.
  4. A

    Wimbledon 2008-Nadal is king

    Nadal has defeated Roger Federer in an intense 5 setter in the finals of the All England Tennis Championship..... congrats Nadal and well played Roger.... http://www.wimbledon.org/en_GB/index.html http://msn.foxsports.com/tennis/story/8313394/Nadal-beats-Federer-in-Wimbledon-epic
  5. arunks

    india has won

    yahoo .!!!!!!!! india has beaten england...
  6. nikku12982

    Cricket Controversies

    England vs Pakistan WHOSE FAULT WAS IT? Inzy or Daryl Hair
  7. gary4gar

    Beckham quits as England captain

    Beckham quits as England captain David Beckham has decided to step down as England captain after holding the role for six years. But the...
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