1. S

    3d tool or plugin

    Hello everyone I need some help.I want to change the file extensions of some models,skeletons,animations,vfx files from some moba games so that i can import them in 3d game engines but the problem is that there are no plugins for game engines to import them and no 3d tool to change the file...
  2. A

    search engines

    there are so many search engines on the Internet .canu list them ? which search engines for what purpose?
  3. shreymittal

    Scoop - Maruti Suzuki to use Honda diesel engines in the near future

    Maruti Suzuki has long enjoyed monopoly in the Indian market, with no one even coming close to beating them in sales. India’s largest car maker has dominated many segments and remain untouched, until now. Sources close to us have tipped us about Maruti Suzuki’s latest worry, Honda’s fantastic...
  4. rohan_mhtr

    How to increase rankings of our website in search engines like google

    Ok the thread name says it all . My friend has created many blogs and his own website . Now he wants to earn some money by posting some ads through google adsence . He will have a better chance of earning more if traffic to his page is more . One thing to increase the traffic is to rank higher...
  5. chicha

    seminar on "Web browsers" and "Search engines"

    i need to give a seminar on these two topics web browsers and search engines. as usual i googled it, i did not get any satisfied results. plesae help me out.
  6. The Conqueror

    Scan a file with ALL ANTIVIRUS/ANTISPYWARE Softwares..........

    VirusTotal is a service developed by Hispasec Sistemas, an independent IT Security laboratory, that uses several command line versions of antivirus engines, updated regulary with official signature files published by their respective developers. This is a list of the companies that...
  7. R

    Please help

    Hi guys, I have developed a method to find the characters present in an image file.This technology can be used to improve image search in search engines and also in the desktop.As per my knowledge search engines give image search results based on the file name and the text in the page...
  8. anandk

    New Universal Search from Google.

    Google made the announcement that the search giant will make a significant push toward integrating results from a variety of its search engines. Internet search providers typically offer, in addition to their general Web search engines, a set of specialty engines that deliver only news...
  9. sude

    how to submit website to search engines???

    dear user's i have my website and i want to ssubmit it to search engines. is submission to search engines free!!! if so which site allows it. please post here. -SUDE
  10. P

    GeForce 8 Series Architecture

    NVidia has just released their new GeForce 8 series, formerly known by its codename, G80. This new series uses a completely different architecture from all other graphic chips, using a unified shader engine. In this article we will explain in details all that is new on this new graphics chip...
  11. selvamcbe

    Immidiate help needed !

    Hello my dear friends I am having a new website . Its just launched a month back.I am having lot of clarifications related to my website. 1.How do i know my website crawled by search engines???? 2.In case my website crawled by search engines,When i search with my website used META tags how do...
  12. nix

    add search engine to firefox problem..

    suddenly the google engine disappears and so i go to https://addons.mozilla.org/search-engines.php to add engines...but no google there. ok, i click on wikipedia...i get dialog box and i restart FF but still no search engines...?? why is it no installing? and how do i google engine?
  13. blackpearl

    Add search engines to Opera

    Here is a cool tool that allows you to do that easily. It even has a huge custom list of search engines and popular websites that you can add. If you are an Opera fan, you will love it. http://opera-info.xorg.pl/en/
  14. P

    Improving search ranking of my blog

    Hi, I am not getting how to improve my search result ranking of my blog (www.computertruths.blogspot.com) in blog search engines. Can anyone help me out please. :?
  15. N

    search engines

    I heard that search engines need not include all the sites in the world. Is there any method to find the unincluded sites using any other personal search software.Is my information true.
  16. J

    Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves making Web pages more search engine friendly to give them a better ranking in search engines. SEO is important because over 80% of Internet users reach Websites through search engines. If your Website is not ranked at the top of the major search...
  17. S

    computer search engines

    is there any search engines to search computer articles, to find computer e-book and to find various computer information
  18. anandk

    Anti-Virus Comparisions : check this site

    On this site you will find independent comparatives of Anti-Virus software. All products listed in their comparatives are already a selection of some very good anti-virus engines. :) http://www.av-comparatives.org/
  19. wwwescape

    VB.Net and online help forums ...

    I am doing a project in VB.Net and I would like to know where on the Internet I can find Vb.Net help forums ... I've tried many of the Search Engines but many only provide forums for Vb 6 ... Please help ...
  20. K

    search engines

    how to submit any site to search engines for free?????
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