1. Ronnie012

    Thumbdata 3 eating up all my space

    So my phone was showing space issues and hanging constantly. I tried uninstalling apps and stuff but still the space issue continued. I finally found out that one file is eating up all the space. File is named Thumbdata3 under DCIM folder. It is currently consuming 4.15gb of my...
  2. Zangetsu

    Windows 10 Svchost eating bandwidth

    Hi Guys, I have Windows 10 Home edition installed. and facing a problem with svchost.exe. Its always eating 90% of my internet bandwidth :( I also tried disabling BITS and Windows Update service but still it starts in Background and keeps downloading data at full speed. Never faced such...
  3. windchimes

    Any good eating joint near Mumbai Airport?

    This forum has always been a savior and I am sure this one would be a test in its own regard and I hope it won't disappoint :) One of my school friend is landing from abroad to Mumbai in the eve with a connection flight of his after 5-6 hrs from Domestic Airport. Want to meet him and talk...
  4. Faun

    Help from pet owners

    We have a little pup 4-5 months old bitten in the chest area by some dog. Not a pet but lives outside the house. For first 2-3 days it hid behind the back side of house and then I got to know about him bitten yesterday noon. Scar is quite deep and he's become thin because of not eating...
  5. crawwww

    Recipe for making Maggi noodles

    Does anyone have any good recipes for making maggi noodles? I am bored of cooking and eating them the usual way.
  6. Techn0crat

    How many special issues are there?

    From last year,We are getting 3 special issues instead of 2 each year i.e. June,October and December,each for 200 Rs/-.What we get in this special issues are more number of DVDs and DroolMaal/Bazaar section eating up half the magazine(October-Icons of Trust,December-Zero 1 awards).I don't think...
  7. ax3

    explorer.exe eating more memory ! ! !

    same as title ..... i have win xp with 512mb ram with avast & zone ... from last week on, explorer.exe is eating more memory [30k, checked in task bar] .... it used 2 b just 12k @ startup & after some programms used, 20k used ccleaner,tuneup utilities bt no use ...... even if nothing is...
  8. ajaybc

    MUST EAT FOOD recommended by DIGITIANS

    I really got addicted to the idiyappam which my mom made me yesterday.I couldn't stop eating actually and my mom had to yell at me to stop eating it :(.Idiyappam is my favourite food. Idiyappam+egg curry=heaven Which food u Digitians like the most?
  9. shyamno

    NMIndexStoreSvr.exe eating my Resource..

    What is NMIndexStoreSvr.exe ???It is eating up my can it be safely disabled..or something like that...??
  10. kumarmohit

    RAM Consumption in Firefox 2

    Hey Guyz If any one of has used Prerelease versions of Firefox 2 can you tell me if it is as much RAM eating as Firefox 1.X versions? Or is it still more or is it less?
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