1. swiftshashi

    Looking to Upgrade my DV6 6121tx.........Need a few suggestions

    It has been almost 2 years since I purchased this dv6 and it has been a trouble free experience so far. However I would like to spruce a few things up. 1.WireLess LAN module-I've seen cheaper G6's having full strength of WiFi while my dv6 barely manages 2 bars.So I would like to go in for a...
  2. K

    Hp envy dv6 7273ca

    Hp envy dv6 7273ca Is it a good deal? Or is there any other similar config at a better price. Please suggest.? Hi, I'm planning to buy this from ebay: HP PAVILION DV6 core i7 3rd Gen-3630QM 2.4GHZ 8GB 1000GB /WIN 8/15.6 ENVY 7273ca | eBay Is it a good deal? Or is there any other...
  3. V

    Battery for my HP DV6 3057TX

    Hi folks, Battery of my HP DV6 3057TX died suddenly after 2 years. It was giving me constant charge of around at least 2.5 hours till it died. I was very happy and proud of it. I need replacement for same. From where can i get genuine battery for same (open to more cell battery too)? Its...
  4. C

    HP Dv6 7039 keyboard prob

    I have purchased hp pavilion dv6 7039 last week *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_surprised.gif some keys are not working *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_eek.gif how to get replacement as it is in...
  5. velociraptor

    perfect linux distro for dv6 6165tx

    hey frns nowadays we are studying shell programming thats y i need to install a linux distro on my dv6 6165tx ,,i tried ubuntu for 2 weeks ,,but i ran too hot ,i tried every possible solution available on web to switch gpu but ,,anything didnt work for me ,,so please tell me is there any linux...
  6. S

    Laptop with FHD / 15.3/650M

    Hi, I wanna buy a laptop with i7/FHD/650M(GDDR5) . Are there any options as of yet in India .? Also Does any one know when HP will update their dv6 with GT650M .?:-o
  7. K

    Keyboard configuration

    I have installed dv6 2005ax keyboard panel on my dv6 2155tx...now keys have jumbled up...please help me sort out
  8. ankit.kumar010203

    I Don't Able To Install Ubuntu In My Laptop?

    Hi I am New To This Forum...Its My 3rd Post... I Can't Able To Install Ubuntu In My HP PAVILION DV6 6123tx Laptop?I Have Created Bootable Pen Drive Using Unetbootin But I Can't Able To Install It. When I Restart My Laptop,Keeping Pendrive Plugged And After Continuous Press of F2 0r F12...I...
  9. R

    Hp g6 2008tx

    Hi guys, after a lot of dilly dallying, I finally bought a laptop - HP G6 2008TX. It was not a very well planned buy, rather I just went to the store and picked it. Specs can be seen here. I had actually gone to buy a HP DV6 because I loved the way it looked. First I went to Croma, they...
  10. G

    HP DV6 7012tx, HP DV6- 6165tx , Dell XPS 15 or HP DV6 7010 tx ?

    I need a laptop that can run latest games at medium or High Details but most importantly i want to Run software like Autodesk Maya 2012, Autodesk 3ds Max etc. smoothly, please tell me which is the best among these :- HP DV6 7012tx, HP DV6- 6165tx , Dell XPS 15 or HP DV6 7010 tx I have budget of...
  11. girishpaiv

    Good Laptops near 60k

    Guys pls suggest some VFM models and specify the one u wil pick from those ... Its for photoshop and gaming... Requirements : *Core i7 Quad core(preferably 3rd gen) *Ram max expandable to 16gb (atleast 8gb) *15.6" screen or more (Preferably Full HD) *GPU : Better than...
  12. Sking

    new dv6 7000 series

    MAG CUBE: HP lists out first Intel Ivy Bridge Pavilion Laptops - dv4, dv6 and dv7 initial prices will be high.
  13. tusharkeshri

    HP DV6 6165 tx Review

    Its already more than 7 days of my DV6 model so i thought to start the review of this laptop. Pros: 1. Amazing graphics and processor,with i-7 processor and AMD Raedon Graphics throw any game at it ,it will give u amazing experience. currently playing Crysis 2 in it. I daily play...
  14. I


    Hp Pavillion DV6 - 6140TX Proc: i7 4GB RAM 650 GB HD 15.6" monitor ATI Radeon Graphics with 1GB memory. 1yr waranty Price @CROMA: Rs 50,999/- Dell Vostro 3550 (Vostro 3550 Series) Processor: Intel Core i7 2620M Graphics Adapter: AMD Radeon HD 6630M 1024 MB Display: 15.6 inch, 16:9, 1366x768...
  15. V

    reg:the best among these three laptops

    hey i m planning to buy a laptop and i hav three laptops in mind so please help me out abt which one to buy 1:hp dv6 6165tx-i7 2670,4gb ram,750gb hardisk and 2gb amd radeon 6770qm 2:hp dv6 6154tx-i5 2430,4gb ram,750gb hardisk and 1gb amd radeon 6490qm 3:sony vaio cb35-i5 2430,4gb ram,500gb...
  16. tusharkeshri

    Plz suggest Vaio CB35 or HP dv6 6165tx in respect like looks,Performace and gaming

    Please help me choose between Vaio CB35 and HP dv6 6165 tx.
  17. V

    Vaio CB35 or HP dv6 6165tx

    Guys need help in selecting either Vaio CB35 or HP DV6 6165tx I want to know about the quality of Vaio's speaker and is it good enough for VmWare and other system programming purpose(Actually Corei5 vs Corei7) and for moderate gaming purposes(like Hot pursuit and COD). I go through the 6165tx...
  18. gundappaswami

    Dv6 with 7690m xt???

    Any idea when it will be released in India?? Thanks :-o
  19. C

    hp dv6 6155tx or dell inspiron 15r

    my range is 40-45k :-o i need i5 2nd gen, atleast 500gb hdd, 4gb ram, 1gb graphics card totally confused in dell and hp...!!! :sad: i have heard many complaints about dell, but many prefer it too.!! i will use this lappy for almost three years..!!! please help me..!!! urgent..!!! buying in one...
  20. maverick786us

    HP DV Series Laptops

    I want to buy latest HP dv7tqe with 2nd generation Core i7, (Quad) and high defination resolution (1820 X 1080) but DV7 does'nt exist in indian HP website :( As a secondary choice I am even open to HPDV6-6120TX also. It has got 1920 X 1080 resolution. For me this resolution is a NEED. I can't...
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