1. R

    intel 845 onboard

    post anything about intel 845 like can this game runs on intel845,etc and send any latest game which supports intel845 graphics i have q about call of duty 2 ,gta 5 and nfs most wanted can this games runs on intel845?
  2. R

    URGENT - Dell M170 Notebook/Laptop Customs Duty

    Hello Guys, Q1: I am thinking of importing a laptop (Dell M170) from someone in the US and wanted to know the customs duty and any other tax that such an item attracts. Q2: The person would be shipping it with insurance using either FedEx ($350) or USPS ($180). Anybody have any experience...
  3. V

    Call Of Duty problem

    I have a weird problem with Call Of Duty. Whenever I try to play it, I get only 5-6 FPS in 800X600X16 Bit mode. My configuration is P4 2.8, 512 ram, 128 ATi Mob 9000. I have the 1.4 patch installed but I am tired to get these slow FPS. My pc can run smoothly Half Life 2 in 1280X1024X32 Bit mode...
  4. J

    New Game Like Call Of Duty????

    Is there any new game like COD.i played both COD and its Unitedoffence.Its really a very interesting and natural looking game :D
  5. V

    call of duty

    Guys help me out here after insatalling call of duty i get a coulnot load default.cfg error i tried by placinc the config file from the demo then i get a error that colnot load another file pls help.its a borrowed cd from my friend
  6. K

    Compiling Linux Kernel + Installating SM56 Modem on RHL

    Here is the link of my guide http://rapidshare.de/files/1224678/Kernel_Compilation_Guide___SM56_Installation.pdf.html many ppl probably know it.. all heavy duty ppl here :P
  7. ctrl_alt_del

    Call of Duty 2 Screens!

    Today I stumbled upon a discussion about Call of Duty 2 on a forum. On digging around, I found some screens and scan from the upcoming game. See for yourself! Here is a scan from a German mag with it's English version also: I wonder how I missed up on the news? Am I the only one...
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