New Game Like Call Of Duty????

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Is there any new game like COD.i played both COD and its Unitedoffence.Its really a very interesting and natural looking game :D


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brothers in arms is pretty good. similar to cod. play cod multiplayer n w8 till the end of the year. thats when cod freaks will get to hold the sequel to arguablely the best war game of all times.


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BiA similar to CoD? In what way? The similarity ends with the fact that they both are WW2 based games.

I found BiA totally different and refreshing then other war games, of which we had a spate after the success of a few. The squad controls were great, the team AI super, the "Situational Awareness" feature ultra cool and the graphics realistic.

CoD and BiA are on two different planes, incomparable with each other, great in their own different way. And speaking of the oncoming CoD2, BiA 2 is already in the making! Infact the game went into devlopment even before the first installment was released! That's what we call confidence in a product!


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you can also try the older medal of honor allied assualt and its expansion packs breakthrough and spearhead....
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