1. Sarath

    Dota 2

    DOTA 2 by Valve DOTA 2 is being developed by Valve in conjunction with ICEFROG the current author of the Dota custom maps for Warcraft 3. It is seen by Dota players as a direct upgrade over the existing Dota game. However being in closed Beta, it is yet to be seen if it lives up to...
  2. Artemis

    Mouse + Mouse Pad

    I have been out of touch for quite a while. Could you guys please recommend me a Mouse and a Mouse pad under 1000(Total)? I'm not expecting a gaming mouse in this budget but if you could suggest a nice mouse that you have been using, do tell me. I haven't used a mouse pad until now but...
  3. cray.x

    logitech M100 mouse

    is this good for casual gaming! i like to play FPS a lot and some times dota too??? otherwise plz suggest a good one under 800 bucks. thanks in advance!
  4. RaMpAgEr^GodZ

    will this graphic card work!

    hi! gyz i have a query will Radeon HD 5450 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 Graphic work on asus M2n8-vmz motherboard. the games i want 2 play is dota on world of warcraft 3 and dota 2.
  5. Sarath

    DOTA - Warcraft 3: Frozen throne expansion map by Icefrog

    DoTA stands for Defense of the ancients its an online RPG with two teams playing against each others. Each team has 5 players. Here's a link to the screen shot as the file is too large for uploading I dont want to go into the...
  6. S

    DotA players

    Hey there guys. I have checked out this subforum but I don't find anyone who plays DotA. It's an excellent strategic game and there are a LOT of players in India itself and tournaments are regularly organized.This game is present in 90% of the game cafes in India.Just check out this...
  7. C

    Slavaging an old pc !!!!

    Well I have decided to salvage my old pc after my upgrade It is for my brother who is a hard core downloader The pc config is amd athalon XP 2400+ 2.0 ghz 128 mb ram stock (now upgarded to 1 gb) hard drive 160 gb seagate ide graphics is shared memory integrated graphics the mobo...
  8. Artemis

    Problems with Dota being disconnected!!!

    Whenever i play Dota on Lan, or ad-hoc wifi, the problem is that i keep on disconnecting from the game, but not the network... I have played complete games on it without disconnecting for a few times, but then dc'ng has become a major problem, all drivers are up to date Connecting thru a...
  9. lethalweaponforever

    Warcraft 3: DotA

    How do u play the DotA map on Warcraft 3 online.........give instructions as i hve a pirated copy where the option doesn't work.
  10. fun2sh

    Which is the best internet connection for playin online games like Dota n CS ??

    hi can any1 suggest any thing abt the question. wat shuold be the ping value needed to play DOTA online on GGclient? is there anyway to connect GGclient trough proxy server??
  11. bhunnu16

    Lethalz @ Jiitu

    LethalZ is the LAN gaming tournament organized at JIITU noida during the annual fest JIVE Games": CS 1.6 DOTA FIFA AOE II for further details check out
  12. Y

    sm 1 help me in warcraft 3 dota online in gg

    me play warcraft 3 frozen throne sm 1 help me out in this game
  13. T

    DOTA competition in PUNE

    Sinhgad College Of Engineering,Pune is organizing TECHTALK 07 on 16-18 FEB. There is a DOTA competition under the GAMING event. PRIZES WORTH 75000 for the gaming event only. For further details visit our forum: or visit our official website...
  14. G

    dota strategy

    r there any gud dota strategy guides on the net ? I did a search on google but am still obfuscated.
  15. Pathik

    WC:TFT DOTA allstars

    ne dota fans n pros here...??
  16. Hells_Fury

    Warcraft 3 - Defence of the Ancients (DoTA)

    Any DoTA players out here? This game rocks!! I would rate it the best multiplayer game. Post your reviews, hero guides, fav heroes, etc here. I like Drow Ranger, Venomancer, Skeleton King, and a few others.
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