1. A

    [ROM][XXBLFB][AB ROM]v0.1, Android 4.0.4

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to introduce my [AB ROM] v0.1 for Galaxy S3. Features: PDA: I9300XXBLFB CSC: I9300OXABLFB Version: 4.0.4 Date: 2012-06-28 Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, UK Zipaligned Fully...
  2. Krow

    FOSS Donation List

    I always wanted to donate to different FOSS (Free and Open Source) projects, but never could for some reason or the other. In this thread I will list some projects I have been using a lot and mark an amount for donation. I will donate as and when I have the resources. My donations may seem...
  3. nisargshah95


    So, all of you have heard about Wikileaks.. What's your count on it? Will you support it? Will you abandon it? I guess this is really good effort to keep transparency in government activities and it should be promoted and supported...please donate to WikiLeaks!!
  4. JojoTheDragon

    The Donate to DIGIT Campaign

    Yes you heard it read it right. This is a DONATE TO DIGIT CAMPAIGN in which you all don't have to actually pay anything from your pocket. Just when you open the site or it's forum kindly click once or twice in any one of the ads. By doing this the maintanance stuff of this site will have enough...
  5. A

    The 'DONATE TO DIGIT' Thread

    Well lately Digit seems to try EVERYTHING to get a click or two from it's visitors and earn some money. Latest in the addition I have seen is ADs after the first post and last post. (It's a mod in vB) The site already has few dozens of ADs on every page and adding this only seems how poor...
  6. FilledVoid

    If you can donate blood ( O -ve )

    If you live anywhere near Trivandrum, kerala and can donate blood ( O -ve ) . I would appreciate if anyone lets me know. please ntoe the blood group is O -ve . Thanks again.
  7. FilledVoid

    Please Donate Blood!

    Hi all, Im pretty sure that everyone probably does this already anyway But I just felt like posting it after I had the experience of trying to get blood for one of my relatives. First of all may I say that my relative who needed blood needed O- which is pretty rare. But after searching for...
  8. solomon_paulraj

    Learn English, Donate Rice!

    Guys/gals, interesting site i came across.. for a good cause..:-)
  9. soumya

    DesiTorrents is closed :(

    From the site: DT is offline! Our financial situation has been critical for the past few months, and the donations very slow. Since DT is a torrent site, our advertisers are not being kind to us either. You may have noticed recently that all the ads were removed from the site. Currently...
  10. blackpearl

    Order Free Linux - All Distro!!! All linux distros can be ordered for free. Please don't abuse it. If you don't need it or can download it from the net then don't order. And if you can donate, then do so.
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