1. L

    Laptop suggestions under 50k for MsOffice, browsing and media consumption

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 50K max. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Size would be fine around 14" to 16" 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Watching videos, movies and tv shows, working on...
  2. shreeux

    Suggest best Scanner?

    Hi, I like to purchase Scanner for digitize my all Certificates,Property documents,Photos..etc., Pls suggest best one, my budget is below 5k.
  3. T

    Good Laser printerv( All In One ) under 5000 Rupees?

    I am going to mainly use it for printing bills and other text documents in my office...Occasionally some Black and White Images..!
  4. A

    Moto E for Professional

    What about a thread about MOTO E for only professional users? Like users who want to do editing and making documents? I thank everyone for posting threads:lol::lol::lol:
  5. ariftwister

    How to join two word documents ?

    I have two word documents each containing separate title as well as some contents. Now I want to join those two word documents in such a manner that editing 1st file's content doesn't affect 2nd files title position. Is there a way to do it? Am I overlooking simple things? PS: I'm using MS WORD 13
  6. D@rekills4 shuts down.

    Another one down. Hotfile Shuts Down and Takes User Files With It | TorrentFreak
  7. sling-shot

    You are prohibited from changing your address by TRAI?

    Apologies for the title. I am going through an experience now. I bought a Sony Xperia ZR last month and needed a MicroSIM. As my existing SIM was older generation MiniSIM, it could not be safely cut down. I was asked to submit new set of documents to get this MicroSIM at an Idea franchisee. My...
  8. V

    Yamaha R6- PICK OR KICK

    Hi all... There a man who is selling a used Yamaha R6 for 1.7 lakhs. Should i go for it or not??? My queries- 1. Though the new bike's cost is 7+ lakhs on road he is selling that for only 1.7 lakhs???? :-O I find this some what mischieves 2. He told he will ship that vehicle through...
  9. webgenius

    Name/Address change after marriage

    I got married recently. My wife's documents need to be updated with my current residential address. Also my wife's surname need to be changed. Which one should I get changed first? Should I change her surname first, and then update the address in all the documents? Or should I update...
  10. vinyasmusic

    Laptop in the range 30-45K

    1) What is your budget? INR 30K-45K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: Dell b. Dislike: Sony Others are OK to...
  11. ghantaukay

    Are External hard disks reliable?

    Are external hard disks reliable? I have a Seagate 500 GB external USB hard drive. One day it just stopped working. Maybe it had suffered a few knocks on my daily commute I reckoned. Then I bought a 320 GB WD external hard disk a year ago. This one stayed at home. I just used it for backup of my...
  12. TheMost

    Max Payne 3 resume after fresh windows

    I recently had to clean install windows due to some problem ... I have copied "Rockstar games" folder from my Documents and the one from programming files from C: .... My install directory is on another drive -- that is safe When i installed Social club and when tried to start max payne...
  13. CommanderShawnzer

    documents for WiFi/Fixed line connection

    what documents are required for a WiFi/Fixed line connection? in my area there are tikona(wifi) reliance(fixed line)
  14. AVT

    File Manager - For documents like picasa is for pictures

    I have lots of 2-15 pages pdf files, office documents and I want them in a location from where they are easy to access. I had the same problems with my pictures but picasa takes care of the problem beautifully. Is there some comparable functionality availabe for office documents ? I'd...
  15. Blue Ripazah

    Should i go for bsnl pantel 701r

    Hi I just got a mail regarding the bsnl pantel delivery ...they asked me to pay the amount in pnb bank Is the tablet worth buying i just want to use it for browsing and editing documents ...nothing else ... Morever is it safe to pay the money against the chalan they have sent me for payment
  16. kool

    What Documents do i need to make Indian Passport?

    I dont know where to ask this question so I'm asking here.. Q. I want to make my passport. So, what should I do for making passport? How much charge for it? How many days it take? I've only these documents: 1) Driving License 2) 10th & 12th mark sheet 3)PAN CARD 4) UID CARD Plz...
  17. Subro

    Want an All in one Device under Rs 7000

    Hello everyone, plz help. I am in urgent requirement of an All in one printer, I require it primarily for printing black & white documents. But occasionally I will also need color printing like photos & mixed documents (documents consisting of both text & pictures). Various options like WiFi...
  18. A

    Deleted documents from transcend pen drive?

    I deleted some documents from my transcend pen drive which i thought i had backup. I directly deleted them from my pen drive. After two days when i got to know my mistake i started searching my documents in recycle bin but could not find them. They are really important to me. Can anyone guide me...
  19. ayushman9

    Suggest SmartPhone around 10k with video calling facility

    I need a phone around 10k . My 2 primary needs are 1. Video calling facility that means a front camera 2. Ability to EDIT ms office documents either with inbuilt software or fully compatible & supported 3rd party apps. 3. Touch based . Also if required you can also give me model names...
  20. A

    [win xp] [pls help!!!] accidentally removed shell from avg 2012 internet security

    I accidentally remove shell startup from avg system tools/startup... then i uninstalled avg.. when i restarted my pc.. taskbar does not show.. but my documents pops up automatically.. when i run explorer.exe.. only my documents pops up.. but taskbar and desktop icons does not show.. so i...
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