1. sshaggy

    Buying Windows 8.1 Tablet

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a Windows 8.1 Tablet. My budget is around 30,000/- I have shortlisted HP Omni 10 and Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx K3011. Both are almost identically priced. Here is my observation: 1. HP Omni 10 Pros: Full HD Screen, Nice look Cons: Low memory, no official keyboard and dock...
  2. Arjun609

    Best Dock

    Can Anyone suggest a good dock (Less Ram consumption,Quick Startup,Very Customizable)
  3. A

    Wireless transmitter/receiver - what do I need?

    Here's what I have in one room. There's a laptop I use for work, and of course, typing messages on forums, close to one end. I also have a Bose iPod dock at the other end of the room, and moving it across doesn't seem such a good idea because there will be cables scattered all across. I want a...
  4. HellFragger

    [For Sale] Apple iPad (3rd Gen) 32GB (White) WiFi+Cellular with Dock and Smart Cover Case

    SOLD ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Apple iPad (3rd Gen, with Retina Display) 32GB White - WiFi+Cellular with Apple Dock and Full Body Smart Cover Case(unused) | URL for 3rd generation iPad w/ Retina Display is now updated for 4th Gen | Expected Price: Rs 27,500/- (shipping...
  5. S

    Samsung launches i5 powered windows 8 tablet in india

    Finally a tablets we've all been waiting for. ATIV Pro priced at at Rs 75490 (along with the keyboard dock). The 11.9 inch tablet houses a Ivy Brigde Core i5 process making it stand head to head with the ultrabooks in this price range. There’s a full HD 11.6 inch screen along with a detachable...
  6. A

    Ups for running external desktop hdd

    Hi everyone I am planning to buy WD Caviar Green 2TB and use it in a dock as my laptop's primary drive. So I need a ups for powering the dock. My question is do I need an online ups or line interactive one will do. I just want dat the system should not restart in case of power failure. And what...
  7. R

    Headphones Under ~5k

    Hey im IN Very Confused State Right Now...First Of All Im Not able to decide that i should buy dock for my ipod or Headphones under rs 5000 ...... So Now I have two questions But similar One 1.Which Dock Should Buy ~rs5000 (With Remote) 2.Which HeadPhones Should i BUy ~rs5000 ( I want One...
  8. Dangerous Dave

    Suggest me Ipod Dock

    I have iPod Touch 2nd Generation and i need ipod dock for it. My budget is 3-4k. Thanks
  9. pritamk

    phone with dock

    hey guys i need to know if there is any phone other than motorola that comes with dock for bigger display and keyboard. that way i can buy a good phone and wont need to buy a netbook also if u could give any indication about the price of the dock that would be helpful
  10. oromis

    Best ipod dock for 10-15k ?

    Hey i have an iphone and ipod touch. looking to invest in a good ipod dock for use at home. I'm not looking at specifically portable options. Just a wired setup will do. My only concern is with regard to great audio quality and decent interface (easy to use remote, connectivity options...
  11. G

    Dock station for IPod Touchth 4th Generation - 5K

    Hi Guy, I am looking for Ipod dock with FM, Alarm, remote. Can you guys suggest? Thx
  12. Plasma_Snake

    GMA880-E45 issue or just bad luck?

    I had 5 hard drives, 400GB, 500GB and 2TB (all Seagate) and 640GB and 1TB (both WD). I tried to using them through dock but on both of my systems, the laptop and the desktop it is now detecting dock as "Initio controller" whilst earlier it was working fine. So assuming that dock might be at...
  13. T

    best iphone/ipod dock for 8ks

    pals... needed an ipod/iphone dock... max budget is 8k. which is the best 1 i can get.... stay in surat..... needed help... thanx angel
  14. krates

    iPhone 2g dock should work with iphone 4...

    Just came across a thread on TE a guy selling iphone dock.. for 350.. By going through the dimension of the iphone 2g and iphone 4 I am sure 2g dock would fit in an iPhone 4.. It looks really cool and it cost around 1.5k if purchased the original from apple.. Any iPhone 4 owner...
  15. The Sorcerer

    Seagate GoFlex Pro 500GB Review

    The use of an external storage has become more of an everyday requirement for many not just for their business, but also as a source of pleasure. As other hardware such as media players, consoles and even routers come with a USB port which lets you use external storage not only as a source of...
  16. A

    yahoo widgets or object dock ?

    yahoo widgets or object dock ? which is better and why ?
  17. R

    Gigabyte's Notebooks entry to india

    Hello Guys.... Gigabyte is bringing into the Indian market some really cool Notebooks and netbooks.... Till now Gigabyte is the only brand which has some unique Netbooks different from all other brands......... This is one such unique Netbook M1022, the dock simultaneously charges the Netbook at...
  18. D

    Pl suggest a good Case for Iphone 2G.

    Pl suggest a good Case for protecting My Iphone 2G. How is SwitchEasy Capsule? It is for Rs.1150 in ebay. The package contains: * Switch easy capsule for Apple iPhone. * Universal dock adapter. * Two non-adhesive accented protective guards. * Tactile Touch™...
  19. CadCrazy

    Apple Patents the Mac OS X Dock

    In 1999, Apple filed a patent application for what was a “user interface for providing consolidation and access,” in short, the OS X Dock. Only two days ago did the US Patent Office approve it, sources are reporting. The Dock is a key feature of the graphical user interface (GUI) of...
  20. B

    rocket dock invisible!!! help plz

    recently i've installed xp sp3.... n installed rocket dock... installtation was successful but da dock doesn't show up!!! but da process 'rocketdock.exe' is shown as running in the task manager..... can body solve my prob plzzz..... thnk u... :)
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