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Gigabyte's Notebooks entry to india

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Hello Guys....
Gigabyte is bringing into the Indian market some really cool Notebooks and netbooks....
Till now Gigabyte is the only brand which has some unique Netbooks different from all other brands......... This is one such unique Netbook M1022, the dock simultaneously charges the Netbook at the same time providing a host of ports to connect to various multimedia devices.


Unique Features
The key differentiators, the feature that sets the Booktop M1022C apart from all the other products, is the Booktop Docking Station
    • The conversion dock offers users a host of connectivity including USB ports, LAN connection and VGA ports.
    • The product also allows for a seamless transformation from a netbook to a desktop, without the need for a system shut down and restart, as users can simply connect the Booktop M1022C to the dock and use it as if they were using a desktop, immediately.
    • The conversion docks other function is to double up as a battery charger for the Booktop


Right off the assembly line
Seems really cool netbook , it is different from all other Netbooks I have seen....
Where can I buy this...?


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Gigabyte Booktop M1022 uniqueness

Hello Sri ....
I heard that INSPAN infotech is bringing Gigabyte to Indian market from December.
May be you can contact them for the product.....
the coolest features of this is the Docking station. Just have a look at this compared to competitors and Booktop M1022 is 3.5G ready .. In India 3G is taking off it Booktop M1022 is the perfect fit....
just have a look at this...
Traditional Netbooks

Gigabyte Booktop M1022


Unique Funcationality of Booktop M1022
1. Push the right click button when the system is off and those 6 LEDs show you how much battery you have left. 2. The touch pad may be small, but it uses an ELan tech smart mousepad system:
a. Tap with 2 fingers and it’s the same as a right click
b. Tap with 3 fingers and it takes you to your desktop
c. Drag upwards with 3 fingers and it takes you to My Computer
d. Drag downwards with 3 fingers and it’s the same as Alt Tab – you can jump between windows
e. Drag left or right with 3 fingers for the arrow functions on Firefox – so if I want to go to a previous page of this review I drag left with 3 fingers
f. Move two fingers apart or together to zoom in or zoom out
g. Tap down onto a Jpeg image with 1 finger and drag the other finger around to rotate the image
h. All of these functions are programmable so you can customize it according to your preference

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