1. NoasArcAngel

    CS : Go

    All CS:GO Related discussions and players go here. Anyone who owns and plays cs go, please post your steam id / player name and i will update the list. All discussions related to matches to be played by tdf members to be made here. 1. Noasarcangel ( waytoGO ) 2. d3p 3. flyingcowfx 4...
  2. P

    All google+ related discussions here..the future is here!!!!

    Hey guys..since google is clearly on the right track with google + project, its gonna b a very big thing in the near future..please put all your discussions and queries here.. Thnks Rohit Paul The Google+ Project
  3. G

    N8/c7 purple screen issue

    Hello, to all of you. I want to discuss an issue related to NOKIA N8. Please follow the link below to read more about this problem. Nokia Support Discussions - N8/C7 PURPLE SCREEN ISSUE AND HOW TO SPOT IF YOU H... - Nokia Support Discussions. Actually, I want to know Is some user on...
  4. S

    NOkia N8 Deaths: The Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 Dying around the Globe

    Users around the world reporting that their Nokia N8 has mysteriously died Nokia N8 is Facing a issue Of restarting after few days Of usage and trhen turn off and Will not at all starting One thing appears to be true about all Nokia N8 deaths so far – i.e. the phone simply won't start...
  5. S

    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Before you jump the gun and starting bashing me on starting this thread when a TV shows thread already existed, let me clear some things up. The 'TV Shows Recommended by Digitans' thread was kind of old and contained discussions about relatively old TV shows. Most of the members who posted there...
  6. ico

    We are going under a revamp.

    Suggestions please. okay.. Now we have a separate section for PC Buying / Configuration. All "PC for 30k" type of threads will go there. Now, I suggest Hardware Q&A to be renamed to Hardware Troubleshooting so that it only caters to "problems" related to Hardware. Hardware Discussions to...
  7. Raaabo

    Musicians Corner V1: Cover Band Edition

    Since there seem to be so many musicians in our midst, I thought it was a good idea to maintain a thread for us to upload pics of our instruments, songs, and have other discussions that non-musicians would find boring :) Maybe we can start a virtual band later ;)
  8. K

    Best 2 speaker system with subwoofer?

    Can any body say some some best speakers system for PC and Laptop .....under Rs.2k.........Discussions are also allowed is creative ok......but still cheaper one???
  9. liquid_nitrogen88

    All DVD WRITER related topics here

    almost everyday a new thread pops out related to DVD writer.Its high time we start a sticky thread to which all discussions about DVD Writers are limited to,like we did for Graphics card....
  10. G

    Next Windows OS-Windows Vista: Updates and Discussions

    Next Windows OS: Windows Vista Updates and Discussions It is now confirmed by microsoft that the next version of windows, code named Longhorn & about to start in beta phase will be called "Windows Vista" Official video | Requirs windows media player Press release Source: ActiveWin...
  11. K

    WARNING: Do not install nVidia ForceWare v77.72....

    ...unless you want your videos and DVD's to look like cr@p. There seems to be a serious bug in this release. Switch back to v71.89. Search nVidia or Guru3D forums for more discussions on this issue. PS: BattleField 2 seems to benefit from 77.72 according to various sources. -Keith
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