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  1. F

    Agp Or Pci Xpress

    Can anyone tell me which one is better and supports better graphics and better if u can also specify the price of the graphics card I started a new thread because i dint find anything related to my qureies in the existing thread
  2. L

    bitcomet and proxy

    Hi, I am behind a firewall and am using windows XP. I downloaded bitcomet, torrent software and tried som torrents after configuring the proxy as i would do for my browser. but, it dint start download., could any1 pls help me in configuring bitcomet for the proxy. thk u. /legolas
  3. __Virus__

    www.google.com ( . = ? )

    someone asked this very interesting question as what does . In www.google.com or anything stands for? I tried to find my answers but dint find. Any answers appreciated.
  4. S

    Drivers for 98se

    Can i get drivers for i915G graphics ( intel graphics media accelerator ) for windows 98se ? I checked the intel site but it dint have . Is there an alternative ?
  5. F

    Update m/board drivers

    Hi All, I have a Mercury(Kobian) m/board with Intel 910e chipset supporting a P3 933Mhz processor. From where can i update the drivers for my motherboard? The Manufacturer's site dint help me at all. Any site that you can recommend to update device drivers and BIOS update. Thanks, in...
  6. P

    How 2 remove vocals usin sound forge or auditon??

    Hey guys i tried usin nero wave editor it din't work any 1 knows how 2 do it in Sound forge or Adobe Audition or can suggest better s/w and the pocedure :cry: BTW there was a thread regarding this but it din't solve the prob
  7. L

    DVD to VCD converter

    hi, i need to convert a few dvds to vcds .........any suggestions of a freeware to do the job. i searched in http://download.com but dint get any good ones
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