1. R

    Best cases for Nexus 5 available in the market

    Hi all, Can someone provide me the options for a protective cover on my Nexus 5? I am currently using the gadget shieldz full body protection (currently installed only the back cover protector) as all i need is a scratch free back cover. I am not so known or prone to dropping my phone...
  2. R

    [Praise] GadgetShieldz.in

    Hi guys, Many might have already dealt or had known about gadgetshildz. They supply whole body thin covers for all gadgets. Recently I have ordered my first product from them - A nexus 5 complete protection worth ~450 bucks. They sent me the parcel through professional courier. The...
  3. theserpent

    Need help with an Assingment

    My economics assignment topic is Relationship between Price and Revenue under Perfect Competion and Monoply Market Other than this Relationship between price and revenue of a perfect competitive firm I din't find any thing else other than this,Googling also dint help I Need to write at least...
  4. theserpent

    Happy bday to sanudigit , CHALLENGER , icebags , buddyram, desai_amogh, ofabhishek

    Happy bday Is it really their Bday or they din't provide their real bday :D
  5. theserpent

    Lappy for 40k

    Hey my friend needs a lappy for around 40K Well today we saw in reliance. A sony lappy(i7+6 gb ram+win 7 pro).An radeon 1 gb(i dont know model) FOR 42K.We both were blown away by the config :o,But the lappy dint look good His Mom basically needs it for little work. He Will also game in it H
  6. A

    Need advice

    hello, well i passed cbse 10th in 2009 with 60% and 1st puc [pcmc] with 62% after that due to some issues in college they dint give me hall ticket and lost a year.then same college gave me seat[whch i dint wanted to join but joined by force] and now i have a subject back which i think ill...
  7. X

    Guys need Android for 15-20k

    Hi guys I need Android mobile either HTC,Samsung,Motorola.I dont like Sony Requirements Good battery back up and camera Big Screen Android 2.3 Guys can we update to 2.3 if take android 2.2 mobile I dint use one before so i am asking this.
  8. giprabu

    Benq G610HDAL color quality issue .. :(

    Recently my friend bought a new basic rig at 16.6k Athlon ii x3 445 Asus M4A78LT-M LE .. with Benq G610HDAL 15.6" wide screen monitor.. .. Problem is, the color reproduction of the monitor is not impressive.. In place of deep black areas, the screen is bit 'greyish'.. The blue is not...
  9. speedyguy

    Earphone for ipod within 1k

    i saw a thread discussing the same but dint find exact answer for me... the thread gives ref to this site *store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_ipod/ipod_accessories/headphones?mco=6A1E959 ..but they r costly n all in dollars.... so i wanna know which wud be best for itouch 1G arrnd...
  10. R

    Planning to install vista over xp..?(dual booting)

    Am plannin to install vista over xp...Can i just install vista in another drive wil it work proper..I have read so many threads regarding it dint understand properly..Plz help..I think my system compatible plz chk.. 1gb ram Intel G965 Express chipset family 250gb(sata)+40gb hard disk(ide)...
  11. shift

    help me recognise the song

    well, it was like this...... i've seen the music video once back in 2005 by Missy Elliott, Dr. Dre and 1 guy was there (dont know who he was, might be Knocturnal) and i dint remember the Song Title.... the video was like, ehem, they was singing (not actually singing,its RAP/HIP-HOP) in a...
  12. mak1012

    shortcuts for run command..

    hey ppl, i just started using kubuntu.. What i was looking for is shortcuts for opening the different applications in the run command..like 'xterm' which opens the terminal. can any one please tell me from where i can get them i tried googling but i dint find any. thank you
  13. abhi.eternal

    HOW: Proxy with Airtel BB

    hi. can someone tell me how to use a proxy with airtel broadband (256UL - should be ADSL). i tried using one say x.x.x.x but the problems is after i did this, my net din't connect. i selected 'no proxy' and immediately everything was fine. please tell me a workaround.
  14. S

    how to do chip shot in fifa08 ?

    q+d dint seem to work . thanx in advance.
  15. napster007

    What is wrong with youtube?

    guys...i have a problem recently when i was trying to open youtube....the browser automatically closed and a message was displayed "Youtube is banned you fool! The administrators din't write this program....guess who did? Muhahaha!!" what the hell just happened?????
  16. V

    GMail : Error in opening Account

    guys... I'm unable to open any of my accounts on gmail (yahoo works fine).. I tried all the available browsers.. IE7, Opera 9.24, and Firefox, all running on Win XP, i also tried shutting down my firewall (zonealarm) but dint help!!.. . sometimes it takes too long (4 to 5 mins) to open...
  17. D

    CS2 error!!

    i insatalled photoshop CS2..evrytime i try to launch it ..it gives this error whts wrong?? reinstalling it dint work...:mad:
  18. Y

    any software downloads free

    hi friends guide me software downloads web sites i know one site but its giving rapidshare links i dint have account so plz help me............. no links like that allowed (warning)
  19. casanova

    Diary Software

    I am planning to write a diary. So can someone suggest some nice diary softwares. Have been hunting on the net since 3 days, but dint get anything nice.
  20. hard_rock

    RAM or CMOS problem....??

    Hi Guyz, My friend's PC got a weird problem. His PC boots at its will. Sometimes it doesnt even boots, I mean even the BIOS will not show up..Monitor light just keeps blinking. I checked RAM and installed it in another bank... But dint worked. Removed CMOS and erased settings and placed...
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