1. S

    Thread for Digitians from Chennai

    I saw a thread for Bangalore and another for Delhi , so thought why not for Chennai? All TDF members from Chennai , please come an join. Edit: mods please change title name to thread for digitians from Chennai. Thanks!! Just to keep a record of members, please fill up the form below. Thanks...
  2. M

    Food Recipes By Digitians

    Share all you self made Food recipes here.. dont forget to share "Biscuit Pizza" or ""Biscuit Sandwich" here.. :D since we Digitians also know how to invent Dishes. will keep updating first post with links to the recepies.. Desserts Chocolate Ice-cream by Luffy
  3. Desmond

    Merry Christmas and seasons greetings.

    A hearty Merry Christmas to all my fellow Digitians.
  4. H

    GSoC 2012

    This year's Google Summer of Code is now in it's first quarter, any digitians participating this summer?
  5. rhitwick

    Moving to Kolkata

    Guys...I'm getting relocated to Kolkata soon (may be this weekend). My transfer plea got approved after 3 months. Well, for most of you this is irrelevant but Digitians with whom I had met personally in all Mumbai meets...........will miss ya all. I loved this city very much but its time...
  6. Anish

    Your preferred/using OS

    Which is the OS mostly used by the digitians?
  7. Zangetsu

    Happy Diwali to All Digitians...

    Dear All, I wish a prosperous & Happy Diwali to all digitians & members of thinkdigit May this Diwali bring new light & success to our lives.....
  8. vamsi_krishna

    Happy Birthday to Rhitwick and others...

    Happy birthday to Rhitwick and other fellow digitians..
  9. freshseasons

    Happy holi to all digitians

    HAPPY HOLI TO ALL DIGITIANS. Have a colorful day.!!!May this day fill your life with all the colours.!
  10. dreams

    Digitian's real names..

    Hi all digitians, We all know each other by their display name, but some know some others real name. Let us use this thread for yelling out each and every members real name. Please be honest!!! Let me start it, Real name - Chandru Location - Chennai (Optional) Work Location - Gurgaon...
  11. MetalheadGautham

    Phenom II OverClocking Essentials

    Here are a set of guidelines on how you go about overclocking AMD Phenom II CPUs. OverClocking Tutorials/Guides/Tips: http://www.techreaction.net/2009/05/28/phenom-ii-am3-overclocking-essentials/ http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showpost.php?p=3771025&postcount=240...
  12. alter_ego

    I saw mass exodus to Tech Enclave

    While casual browsing and weighing my options, looks like Tech Enclave has become final resting point for digitians. But then isn't it something we were all expecting!!!???:|
  13. phreak0ut

    Coming to Mangalore. Digitians meet up?

    Hi guys, I'll be coming to Mangalore on 22nd morning and leaving on 23rd night. Will be there for a wedding. I'm planning to meet any Digitians there. Anyone interested? :) I can check the thread here till 7.45pm. After that I need to leave to catch the bus. Start posting!
  14. G

    The Best of TDF Chit Chat

    Hi all :grin::grin::grin: i know whats up in ur mind...this is the same like tut index thread:grin:..but i think this thread will make the chit-chat access easy n enjoy the best of this section...mainly this thread is to save ur time searching n goin to other pages to ur fav chit chat thread i...
  15. ajaybc

    MUST EAT FOOD recommended by DIGITIANS

    I really got addicted to the idiyappam which my mom made me yesterday.I couldn't stop eating actually and my mom had to yell at me to stop eating it :(.Idiyappam is my favourite food. Idiyappam+egg curry=heaven Which food u Digitians like the most?
  16. IllegalUser

    Help me guys !!

    Hii guys, i need your help. One of my friend activated some service in my cell phone and i am recieveing sms like hell. he sms ACTto this number 094992222223 and thus the service got activated. If any of the fellow digitians know how to deactive this service.. please help me out. Looking...
  17. DigitDonz

    | Post all the Tech Blogs - Websites You Know |

    Dear Friends, Often during surfing you may come across a number of tech articles and news, why not share something with Digitians - You can Post the web links of the articles along with the topic this can be a bit useful for all of us here
  18. venom007

    Free Hosting Offer For Digitians

    Hi!! Dear Digitians TipsterHosting pleased to give you an offer If you have a premium domain name... we will offer you a 100mb free cpanel11 hosting with 3GB of bandwidth.with 5 emails & 5 subdomains.. You are not allowed to host any adult contents/warez/proxies on that.. If you...
  19. C

    Should Shahid Bhagat Singh be given Bharat ratan

    I am making this thread because you guys closed my previous thread. Its not that i am anti-gandhi, its just that bhagat singh is my idol. Don't close the thread this time moderators and don't mention anything about gandhi digitians , i mean don't destroy my thread this time Digitians.
  20. MetalheadGautham

    Wallpaper Paradise - Share/Rate Wallpapers

    This thread is here because many people make lots of threads for wallpapers. Share all the wallpapers you recomend fellow digitians here. Rate the wallys out of ten. I will start:
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