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  1. CommanderShawnzer

    Will Console/PC gaming die?

    Just paste these lines in Google "Console gaming will die" You will find a horde of different links pointing to Doom-n-Gloom articles about how console gaming is dying and mobile games will be the future :rolleyes: Is this really possible? :chinscratch: *Keep in mind that if both the...
  2. Hrishi

    THings to do before you Die ??

    Okay , this sounds easy but very few of us [seriously] know the answer to this ?? Imagine , standing at the edge , and suddenly someone puts this question in front of you. So , What would be the few things , you would like to do before you die ??? PS : Plz avoid materialistic answers.
  3. NoasArcAngel

    Help with LinuX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hello guys i am new to linux, so i just thought i would just try ...... i installed the kde 4 open suse 10.x version given in the dl dvd of april 2009 issue but i have some problems .... whenever i try to compile anything from source it gives me a c comiler error... and i cannot figure out WTF...
  4. D

    Die Hard (2 Disc Special Limited Edition Steelbook) for Sale - Rs. 550/- only

    Die Hard (2 Disc Special Limited Edition Steelbook) for Sale - Rs. 550/- only # Format: AC-3, Color, Dolby, DTS Surround Sound, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Special Edition, Subtitled, Widescreen # Language: English, German, Italian # Subtitles: English, Spanish # Region: Region 1 (Will work fine on...
  5. VarDOS

    Know when u r going to Die

    Day-Before-Yesterday while watching MTV G n D, they told that www.deathclock.com tells us the date when we are going to die... The website is really cool..and tells the date when we r going to die..And the seconds we have got to live on this world.. Just check it out!!! Thanks
  6. B

    Tom Clancy Vegas 2 PC Cheats ?

    Hi gamers, I want to know there is any PC Cheats for Vegas 2, mostly i am looking for unlimited ammo and God Mode. However i always die on first stage. Also where to save and load the game. :confused:
  7. cooldudie3

    Help on snake on nokia s60 v3

    hey everybody i really want to finish the game snake on my n80, but i can't get past lvl 27(dual) if you go the obvious path, you will always die.:(:( Please help me! also if u can, tell me what the spinning purple thing is
  8. tarey_g

    And Bluray killed HdDvd..(Proof)

    The battle was fierce, one had to die... :mrgreen:
  9. R

    How Will You Die?

    Find Out here : - http://evil.berzerker.net/death_predictions.php And post the results here... Its so damn funny... :D:D Some of them I got - 1. You will die at the age of 53 fighting the interplanetary War on Terrorism on Camp Harmony, Venus. 2. At age 49 a group of children will text...
  10. krates

    Die of laughing

    :D:D:D:D http://www.lamedunce.com/ :D:D:D :D:D
  11. girish_AMD

    Which is the best Movie in this series?

    Which is the best movie the Die Hard Series? Die Hard 1.0 Die Hard 2.0 Die Hard 3.0 Die Hard 4.0
  12. adithyagenius

    Duarability of flash in N70

    I use my N70's flash as flashlight during power cuts at night for short durations. I want to know if it might get damaged just like lights in watches die after 3000 seconds usage. I also want to know the type of flash it has- LED , xenon etc. edit - sry about the spelling of durability.
  13. escape7

    Apple's next product

    I was going through a website and came across this, had to share it: This is the source here: Source u'll find more pictures that'll make u die of laughter, u guys should check out rest of the images they are just awesome
  14. caje143

    How Many Ppl Die Of Natural Disasters Across The Whole World Everyday???

    Hi Everybody.. well lets talk about how many people die of Natural Disasters like Flood, Plague, Earthquakes, etc.... everyday... it is a matter of concern as Mother Nature is Not happy with us at all...
  15. sam9s

    PREY is'nt that bad after all

    After completing DOOM 3 and QUAKE 4 and DEMO for Timeshift, I was looking for any next installment on similar environment. I was looking forward for PREY. But after reading some reviews including the digit one, I droped the idea way back, but today when I had nothing to pout upon I installed...
  16. Binay 007

    run or die.

    Gta san andreans game is completely not running after installation showing some kind of error-- error signature AppName: gta_sa.exe AppVer: ModName: gta_sa.exe ModVer: Offset: 00346929 need idea to run this or this game cd is going to die by my hand :grin:. thx
  17. Anindya

    Core Die?

    I have 2 questions :- 1) Can anyone tell me the difference between Core and Die in a chip? 2) Difference between a register, a buffer and a cache?
  18. M

    SE K700i vs NOKIA 6600

    I have bought se k700i last week and i am more than happy buying it.However a friend of mine is jealous of se and is die hard fan of nokia.He says 6600 is bettter than k700i.What u all think? :roll:
  19. R

    God when most computer user will learn benefits of Linux?

    I use linux suse 7 . everyday I was asked what is this NEW windows? Linux... o I heard about it ... can u do internet ? can u listen songs? play games ? can it run on my computer ?CAN U DOWNLOAD ANYTHING ? I doubt about Future is open . anyway .....I hope we shall OVERCOME oneday ...
  20. Sourabh

    Need a Dump ??

    Need a Dump ?? what a place to die lolzz :mrgreen:
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