1. @

    [Want to Buy] Looking for USB WiFi Adapter

    Looking for a USB WiFi adapter. PM me your offers. Don't forget to mention when did you buy, remaining warranty if any, purchase invoice and any other relevant detail. Do also product link on Flipkart or other store. Thank you!
  2. A

    xolo x910,A500s,q800 or lumia 520....?? @ this DASHEHRA.......

    xolo x910 ,or xolo a500s, or xolo q800 or nokia lumia 520 i am planning to buy phone this Dhashehra.. want your advice from above options plz be as detail as you can.. i am bending towards xolo x910 ... 'coz of intel processor
  3. P

    Mobile you have

    Hi friends.. What mobile you have share its detail here...:razz:
  4. A

    micromax canvas hd (a116) or xolo q 10000.....??

    hi... i am quite confused between mmx canvas HD and xolo q 10000 plz guide me in detail.... looking for best screen (good ppi)... good sound quality... quad core.... plz giude me in detail....... thank you
  5. M


    HI friends i have just joined this community recently but i want to know the more detail about new technology.
  6. chandan3

    which is best moniter

    guys suggest me which is best for playing games wacthing HD movies LG-LGIPS225V OR dell-ST2320l my confustion is tht lg ips225 has ips pannel at so cheap rs 9000 to rs 9500 bt dell st2320l has tn pannel at 10k which is better to buy.ple anyone giv detail
  7. B

    Need an earphone or headphone within rs 500

    I want to buy an earphone or may be a headphone for rs 500..i will be using it with my samsung monte s5620 for listening to music.. It should have good sound quality,volume..should be able to hear every minute detail..and it must be easily to shops and flipkart only. Any...
  8. arunhalo

    [For Sale] Acer Aspire 5738G-644g32Mn

    Hi Mate, I am selling the follow laptop acer as follow detail below Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Laptop Specifications and Features: ACER ASPIRE 5738G-644G32MN Specification Expected Price: Rs 16000/- fix negotiable or pm me for fix price Time of...
  9. NoasArcAngel

    klipsch image s3 - keepers of the sound.

    I recently ordered a pair of klipsch image s3 from flipkart and received them this morning. So i wanted to review them properly. No images because my camera sucks. and i thought what the hell its better to post no image than to post a bad one. Now this review will be done in a different...
  10. curioustechy

    Retaining detail view

    In a folder which contain songs & songs alone, after switching to detail view mode, selected type, rating, size and two more entities to display. Then I closed that folder. Aster some time when I opened that folder again, I couldn't see my preference choices . But instead title, tracknumber, #...
  11. M

    opera mini update nokia x2 01

    how can Iupdate the opera mini in nokia x2 01? do I have to uninstall the existing version and reinstall the newer version?if so how to do it? can I do it using the gprs?please explain in detail.
  12. R

    Where to BUY MSI GTX 560 in KOLKATA

    guys i m not able to find any shop who sell any version of MSI gtx 560 Ti in kolkata. Saboo told me they hv only gtx 460's. plz help me with price and shop detail in kolkata. i m new here so dont know about reputed shops at chandni market.
  13. kanhadey

    What's bottelnecking in my system?

    Hello there, I have a PC with following specs: AMD ATHLON II X2 240 @2.8 ghz, Asus M2N68-AM PLUS Mobo, 1GB DDR2 800 MHz, Powercolor HD 5670 1GB, 80GB PATA HDD. The problem is that even Spiderman WOS and Crysis doesn't wish to crawl on my system. It plays sluggish even on lowest...
  14. Revolution


    I have Nokia 2700 Classic. After ending any call from most of the operator,they use to show a massage about last call detail. But on my phone the message showing with the SMS ring tone. And I don't like that. I have used Vodafone,Airtel,Aircel but the fact reamain same on my 2700C. But on my...
  15. S

    About Atom

    I am using P 3. Now I want to upgrade my PC wid Atom. What is pros n cons? How gud Atom processor is? Any helpful detail about it
  16. phuchungbhutia

    Power consumption

    I want to know how much power is consumed by each pc component . . Like processor, rom , ram . . So on . . Can anyone give some detail about it . .
  17. N

    Which is better: PALiT HD4870 Sonic or ZOTAC GeForce 9800GTX AMP! ??????

    Hi, I read on october issue of diGit, an article called "VISUAL WARS". I saw the FPS of ZOTAC at 1280x1024 (Max detail, 4x AA) it gives 32.83 & PALiT at 1280x1024 (Max detail, 4x AA) it gives 32.06:confused:. Which one should I buy?? 'Cause I'll be playing at that resolutions. So, it's better if...
  18. A

    new laptop

    my friend is interested in purchasing a new lap top within range of 35-40k, please do suggest available models from dell, hp, and other good ones with specifications in detail, its urgent wants to buy tomorrow itself, so guys please help me out.
  19. L

    Sify Broadband Woes....Help!

    I really don't know what else to do rather than call call call but to no avail! I'm on UN51 service plan of sify and what happens under this plan is that my speed is suppose to change to 512 starting from 10 in the night to 8 in the morning, so i just don't f-in understand why that isn't so for...
  20. M

    Installing DJGPP

    Hii can any1 help me in installing DJGPP Contents can be found here.. m using XP SP2.. can any1 plz explain in detail .. i tired many times.. but failed ::
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