1. J

    No run, No control panel no task manager, properties is showing access denied help me

    Hi, No run, No control panel no task manager, properties is showing access denied with which antivirus i can fix this or how can we removed this by editing registry please help me Thanks & Regards Jeevan
  2. iMav

    Pen Drive - Access Denied

    iv got a pen drive which works fine sometimes and sometimes it says access denied :confused: it does not auto run and shows in My Computer but wen i try to access it it says u dont have permissions .... in the morning it works fine in the evening it says i dont have access .... pretty much like...
  3. S

    Remote shutdown in a LAN connected environment

    hi, in command prompt , there is a option for remote shutdown of computers. syntax shutdown -m \\computer name -s but when i try it, it says access denied. wat should i do to make it work, this would really be helpful. thank u in advance.
  4. M

    Access Denied problem

    hello frnd.. i think i shld change my username n keep it problemm jokes apart..i hv got serious problem dis time.. in few systems of our comp lab...i found dat whenever few sites like orkut is opened..also yahoo addressbook...den a page as shown below ...hey sry..i even do not know...
  5. Y

    Norton antivirus problem

    hi i am facing one problem i am using norton 2003 with latest updates when i am scaning my system it shows some viruses but it also displays access is denied like that plz help me how can i solve this problem
  6. Shreyes P

    Virus problem Plz Help

    Every drive in my computer except the system Partition has a new option "Open(0)" which is set to default .So when i double Click on the drive instead of opening it will display a message saying " Access Denied ", every time i have to right click and then select open . Is this due to some virus...
  7. P

    Access denied??

    Hi, I have installed windows Xp service pack 2 on my system after formating my c drive. Now when i connect my external HDD(300GB) its get dtected but whn i try to access d same its gives access denied...even while copying something to disk... Samthing happens with my d and e drive?? please...
  8. ravidawar

    access denied

    guys wenever i double click on any of my drives..i get a error message ->access denied..then i ve to right click n select the explore option..wat may be the solution to it.. any clues????
  9. anurodhjindal

    Plz solve--"Access is denied"

    Hi. i was pasting a folder of songs to other place but by mistake i dropped it in a folder in which there was a file of "msxml doc". Now when tried to drag this folder of songs out of that folder, it showed a message that the "access is denied" and the folder was showing "empty". when tried to...
  10. uchiha.sasuke

    System Mechanic 6.0 prob......

    hi guys... When ever I install System Mechanic 6.0 in Win Xp machine, and use its total care option,my pc is no longer accessible by users in my LAN network.When they try to open my pc,its gives "access denied" message.....So any one suggest me where it makes changes in registry....(I like to...
  11. ravidawar

    access denied in opening my c drive...

    wenever i double click on my primary drive i get access denied..wat may be the problem...however wen i right click on it n then select open frm the menu..i m able to access my c drive...wat may be the solution me
  12. Manshahia

    Access Denied

    Guys i installed Windows XP SP2. Now when i try to access SYstem Volume Information Folder, it always say.. Access Denied. System VOlume Information is Not accessible. Y is this happening?
  13. g_goyal2000

    Access denied to Administrator

    I am the adminstrator of my PC. I have Windows XP Pro SP2 installed with all the latest updates. The problem is: since today, I have been getting Access Denied error. Whenever I try to modify any service or change in System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe), I get an Access Denied error. The...
  14. K

    Virus Woes: Trojan.nebular

    guys i have a big problem i use windows xp sp 2 and have a norton antivirus 2005 on scannin i get a file winwly32.dll which is infected with a trojan nebular it doesnt delete it and says access denied what do i do? the exact object name is "C:\WINDOWS\system32\winwly32.dll" (without the double...
  15. D

    User manual for DvdReMake Pro 3.5.3

    Hello Everone, Where can I find the manual for the dvdremake pro 3.5.3....I had downloaded it and executed...there is an option to get manual from the help menu...when I click it I am getting this error "OS denied access to the file" I have logged as admin...Please help me as I am new to...
  16. plsoft

    Problem with Mandriva 2006

    I can copy files from windows partition but when i try to write on the partitions it says "Access Denied". Even i can't change the permission properties. Please help.
  17. S

    Help me with outlook express

    if thr is any file attached with my mail,it dosent open in outlook express displaying a message "OE has denied access to unsafe attachments". wat shud i do?
  18. prasad

    HELP..,access denied when clicking on folder

    i copied sum files 4m my frend's HDD to MY HDD, n disconnected, after that when i double clicked on my folders, a msg shows "access denied" n cant delete them, n size of that folder is 0 bytes, i lost sum imp. folders, help me 2 get back those folders TIA prasad
  19. C

    Problem installing msi-based packages as it shows "access denied" message

    My operating system is windows XP Pro. For the past few days I am noticing that whenever I try to install any programs with extension as .msi it shows "access denied". The problem does not occur with .exe based program extensions. The same thing happened sometimes back with .txt files and .ini...
  20. Akshay

    Problem installing XP SP2

    I have licensed Win XP installed on my laptop. I plan to upgrade it to SP2. But I get an error sometime after the installation starts which says that SP2 cannot be installed as access is denied (this error appears after SP2 has backed up files and installation of SP2 begins). It then exits...
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