1. Jim Kirk

    Need a new DTH Connection in Delhi

    Hello all digitians, Please help me to get a good dth connection in Delhi. I live in Delhi (Saket). Currently I m with DEN which costs me Rs. 270/- per month. But neither i am very much TV lover nor I have time to watch TV. even my family does not have time except for some news channels in...
  2. Cyberghost

    BioShock: The Collection Remaster

    * 'Introducing BioShock: The Collection! Relive the depths of Rapture and sail through Columbia in this remastered edition including all three ‪‎BioShock‬ games, complete with all single-player DLC and a never-before-seen video series with commentary...
  3. G

    How's Den Broadband in new Delhi Shastri nagar?

    Hi, I'm from Shastri Nagar, New delhi. I want to know how is Den Broadband? Their speed, ping, and custom support? I mostly play clash of clans and also make games, so i need good internet speed without lag. I am going to try 5 mbps 100 gb @1250 pm. - - - Updated - - - Noone has any idea?
  4. A

    problem regarding display using gfx card.....

    i hav a vry old pc running on pentium d, with 2gb ram and 160gb hard disk. i installed an ati 5450 gfx card arnd year n a half back. evrything ws working well n fyn until wen my ups (now i'v changed it) started failing with its power back up and den d prob started. back den, wen i used to start...
  5. R

    Samsung galaxy s2 min price at delhi ncr

    Guys any idea about minimum rate for samsung galazy s2? It is varying from 25 to 27500 everywhere. can i have it IN LESS DEN 25500 INR? Tell me d cheapest nd safe place to buy it..
  6. coolnikhil

    IEM with mic within 1200 bucks

    Hey guyz.. i need an IEM with mic for my Samsung Galaxy S. can anyone suggest me some good one..?? if warranty is also available den i could spend 1000-1200 bucks. if without warranty den 700-800 bucks... please help me ASAP....
  7. Adibaba

    [SOLVED]HP G62 display issue

    My frend has a g62 HP some white dots appear on d screen.reinstalled d drivers but still no change and den dey dont appear while running in safe mode
  8. pulkitpopli2004

    wireless mouse suddenly stopped working

    hello guyz.. i am using logitech cordless mini mouse from last 1 yr.. 2 days back it was showing red indication dat was of battery low.. so i replaced the cell with a new one.. bt i dont knw wht happened den?? bt it has stopped working now?? in control panel~>devices its showing USB...
  9. pulkitpopli2004

    Why P55 mobo dont have HDMI/VGA/DVI output??

    hello guys.. i was loking for mobo with LGA1156 socket for i5 760.. i noticed 1 thing dat none of the P55 mobo give ne HDMI/VGA/DVI output... den how to connect LCD TV or monitor with such mobo???
  10. nach p

    Remove Temp Internet Files

    From where shall I remove these Temp Int. File ? Is it from /Var ? If its den any particular folder ? Or any commands :D Btw I am using RHEL 5.
  11. R

    Cant enter CMOS & cant go further

    I m having a HCL laptop wid AMD TURION X2 T~60 1.6Ghz, 512 mb ram, Toshiba HDD. Today i formated my c: drive which was having vista installed & i started installing XP from a bootable disk. now, when d setup copied installation files & restarted, i saw an error (ERROR LOADING WINDOWS) & I...
  12. I

    Microwave buying suggestion !

    Hi guys, I need some info on microwave's(oven) available in India.Which is the best brand and what to ask for at the dealer's den. Approx prices also ..if possible ! Thanks in advance. PS:Am a total noob when it comes to microwaves...dont know a from b
  13. K

    not able to format my infected xp...

    recently i encountered a strange problem, wenever i tried to open orkut on my IE, d window closed nd i got a dialogue box saying dat orkut is banned wid a strange sound accompnying it. den d same happnd wid youtube. den i installed mozilla firefox but couldnt use it as evrytime i started it, it...
  14. mayanks_098

    can ne1 tell me a keyboard presses disguising sw?

    guys tell a sw which can disguise d key presses,meaning if i press "a" on keyboard it shd enter a pre defined alphabet for "a". it can b very usefull,as entering passwords in front of ne1 wud nt b an isuue den coz wat d odr person is cing is actually a disguised ver of original pass. hope u...
  15. I

    dead hard disk?

    my comp dont wrk wen i connect ma hdd... im not exactly sure wats wrong..... i think its a short circuit.... it comes on an den goes off before da monitor comes on it comes on fine if i disconnect it it wrks wid an old 4.3 gb hdd i tried switchin molex use it...
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