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  1. T

    A little help with upcoming debate please

    Hey guys, I have a debate on 3rd November, and the motion of the house is "It is better to be born rich than talented". Well, since we (our class) is participating in a debate for the first time, we've been told about the motion beforehand, so that we can prepare nicely. I am in the Opposition...
  2. T

    What kind of 3D works for you? Passive or active?

    I'm kinda curious because there seems to be a lot of debate going on about this.
  3. The Conqueror

    Modern Living (URGENT HELP REQUIRED)

    Modern Living has made the people of India weak,unhealthy and disease-prone. Please help me write a debate on AGAINST in this topic..URGENT... Thanks in advance
  4. Psychosocial

    Is the media over-hyping the condition of Indian students in Austrailia ?

    Okay, so I am not quite in sync with the current news but today when I went to school, I was informed that I have been selected for the second round of debate (yay!) and this is the topic on which I need to prepare a speach by the 11th of this month.. so please, can you guys help me by voicing...
  5. K

    Would you adhere to the new smoking ban in public places?

    What does the new smoking ban in public places mean to you? One of the most controversial law in moderm times is being implemented from today. I think we have equal number of smokers and non smokers in our country, and the debate would rage on and on. Are you a smoker? Would you quit smoking...
  6. napster007

    The Ultimate punch for the Mac book air

    hello again , there have been a billion what now can be gracefully called "BATTLES" about the macbook air. Mac lovers as always have taken its side and others have hated it from the bottom of their heart. i present u the ultimate shut up for this debate once it for all(i just came across...
  7. ring_wraith

    Best Web-Page, ever.

    Introducing, the best web-page ever: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=iphone It could have been entitled "Why the iPhone sucks". The reason I'm posting it is that it is probably the funniest comparision ever, and not to spark off another iPhone vs. whatever debate. SO...
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Is rapidshare any good ?

    We have all been well aquinted with www.rapishare.com, a popular site for offering file hosting. I started this thread to see what people think of rapidshare - is it any good ? Lets debate on how rapishare fares compared to others in the game. Edit: This thread is NOT rapidshare vs torrents...
  9. T

    effect of american culture on indians..

    so like i took part in this debate thingy in my college. that beautiful booth babe told me that my topic will be about effect of american culture on indians. she asked me if i wanted to speak in favour of the american culture or against it.. i looked in her eyes and forgot to think, then...
  10. C

    Debate Forums

    Please list some good debate forums.. political, religion, technology etc..:)
  11. S

    Debate branded vs assembled PC

    Has there been a debate here on branded vs assembled PC ? I have bought two computers earlier and took branded (Compaq presario) both times. Reasons were: 1. I found that for like to like configuration, branded PC and assembled PC prices were nearly the same. 2. Branded PC does get you...
  12. anandk

    Linux leaders plot counterattack on Microsoft

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, California (Reuters) - The high priests of free software have congregated at Google Inc. (GOOG.O: Quote, Profile, Research) headquarters this week to debate the future of the movement and face down recent patent threats by Microsoft Corp...
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