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  1. D

    Best Mobile 8-11K

    Dear All Please suggest a Good Mobile between 8-11 K looking for 5 inch, Android. thank you
  2. S

    Best Laptop Under 70K

    Dear frnd, can u pls suggest me the best laptop under 70k ,,thanks in advance...
  3. A


    Dear Friends i wana root my sony xperia neo L can any one help how to root it? thanka
  4. mati17

    Office XP

    Dear forum, can anybody here have Office XP ?
  5. mati17

    Leephone A3 Softwares

    Dear Forum, Can anybody have Lephone A3 mobile softwares..... ?
  6. max_demon

    LG RD2530 Reliance CDMA mobile phone Restart/Blinking Problem .

    Hello dear friends my trusty old reliance cdma 2530 phone from LG was showing unusal problem , when i start up everytime it displays the RIM logo and restarts again . i have found that unlocking and flashing may solve the problem but i am unaware where i could get some softwares for it , i also...
  7. rosemolr

    Someone is watching me...

    dear fellas.. In our college we had shifted to a new lab.we used to play games and chat during our programming and java hours..but now we got a serious prob that the &^%& admin of our lab and &%&%^77865*&^ vc++ faculty had installed one monitoring software..nameley VNC.He just...
  8. M

    guide me to config RS(downloads) with DAP Premium

    dear friends and experts, please guide me to config my RapidSshare account with DAP Premium. that, i am using Firefox 3 as my browser.i have installed the DAP Premium day before yesterday. as i am a premium member of RS, i would like to config thses both. coz, last 3 days i am really geting...
  9. sushan

    TRYing to get Wi-Fi on my desktop PC

    dear guys, how to get Wi-Fi connection on my pC
  10. sushan

    Photoshop 7 tutorial

    Dear frens, anyone have totorial of Photoshop 7? c ya
  11. S

    Nokia N73 Music Series

    Dear All, This particular Section - i.e. Mobile Monsters perhaps has the best ever mobile phone savvy members, always ready to extend their co-operation. Very recently, I have purchased a Nokia N73 Music Series from Nokia Priority. This is the first time ever I am having such type of phone...
  12. Gigacore

    Free XMAS SMS Greetings for Airtel Users!

    Hi guys, i just got this sms.. and got my free 4 xmas greetings! Nice greetings indeed. What are u waiting for.. ? [May be for Karnataka circle only]
  13. debiprasad_sahoo

    Why anyone need DNS control?

    Why anyone need DNS control and More info on DNS Dear friends, I want to know more about DNS control. Why do I need it and what are the advantages?
  14. paragkalra

    Girlfriend 5.0 to Wife 1.0 :)

    Dear Tech Support Team: Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 5.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticed that the new program, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs and now monitors all other system activities. Applications such as BachelorNights 10.3, Cricket 5.0, BeerWithBuddies 7.5, and...
  15. Desmond

    Any Anglo-Indians here?

    Hello, dear Anglo-Indian brethren, Please tell where you are from?
  16. debiprasad_sahoo

    Oriyas in Think Digit Forum

    Dear Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are Oriya, then don't hesitate to say something about you. Please post something about you and why are you here.
  17. D

    Car(Toy car) which can be controlled through serial port

    Dear friends, In my school there is an exibhition this year. So i have decided to display a car which can be controlled through the computer. So my dear friends can you tell me the detailed steps and procedures to create this. You can also tell the website where i can get help Please...
  18. debiprasad_sahoo

    A Good Project in PHP for my college project

    Hello Dear Friends! I have to do a project using PHP for my 8th semester. It is very difficult me to choose the project. So my dear frinds please help me to find a good project and give your guidance for me. Thanks my dear friends. I am an inexperienced student, as I consider PHP. I have...
  19. enticer86

    using PC Internet on cell

    hey another query..can we somehow connect the cell to internet enabled PC thru BT so as to use GPRS on cell widout actually having gprs? i mean surfin the internet on cell tht way....wotsay my dear mods?
  20. T

    importing mails including attachments

    i have netscape 4.8 working fine but i need to export these mails INCLUDDING attachments into Outlook Express 6. Please help me at the earliest my dear friends best regards Dhurairaj
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