1. X

    1.5 Ac - budget 40-55k. urgent requirement

    Silent / less noise. and if possible wifi enabled possible ? ( can i turn on ac from smart phone? - if not possible, no deal breaker. )
  2. Ronnie11

    DSLR for newbie, Budget around 30-33000

    Hi Guys, So finally i would like to take the plunge from a point and shoot to a DSLR camera. I am a newbie in DSLR as i have never owned one but would like to learn a great deal on photography and play around with manual settings. I will be using it mostly for landscape photography and a...
  3. gamer.geek

    Laptop for CSE student (55-58K Budget)

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 55-58k maximum 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 14" - 16" 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? I am a CSE student at IITK. So, that comes at the top of all the lists. Playing DoTA 2...
  4. Zangetsu

    Avast is set to acquire AVG for $1.3 billion

    The deal has been approved by the management and supervisory boards of Avast and AVG and involves Avast buying out AVG’s outstanding ordinary shares at $25 each. The total value of the deal is around $1.3 billion. AVG is a publicly traded company so the deal will first have to be approved by...
  5. sudhir_3193

    purchase of pc components

    Hey guys, kindly suggest best pc hardware shop in Ritchie Street or mount road, chennai, which can give me best deal on computer components. Thanks. Also anybody having primeabgb coupon codes. - - - Updated - - - Anybody who would like to share his experience of purchasing computer...
  6. rohitshakti2

    General Query Buying home cleaning mops

    Hi friends I am looking forward to buy floor cleaning mop for my home. Kindly tell me which one are good to buy and its deal any if available now-a-days. Budget : Upto Rs.2000/- regards
  7. tkin

    Any feedback on

    Hey guys, I just came up on this site: * They are providing buybacks directly as well as through Amazon and Snapdeal. They gave a quote of 8k on my LG G2, which is pretty close to the 10k I was thinking. The best thing is that unlike OLX I won't have to deal with idiots...
  8. Shibaprasad

    Second hand Laptop Help

    Hp 15-ac043tu for Rs16000 i3 4005u 4GB RAM 1TB No OS Is it a good deal? plz help.
  9. rider

    Cheapest and Best 2TB Portable External Hard Disk Deal Online

    Hello! geeky digitians. I need your help in purchasing Cheapest and Best 2TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Disk Deal Online. Budget is less than or equal to 6k. Brand preference Seagate and WD. Colour preference Silver or Black Please share links of the cheapest online deal. Thank you! How...
  10. H

    [Want to Buy] Looking for a GTX 660ti / AMD 7950

    ..Or a similar card. Budget is 8k Location - East Delhi Local deal is very much preferred. Same goes warranty
  11. C

    McAfee Total Protection 2015 1 Yr - 3 PC at 899 0NLY

    I was looking to buy anti -virus for my desktop, i came across this site * which is offering McAfee Total Protection 2015 1 Yr - 3 PC at 899 0NLY.
  12. avinandan012

    Upgrade dilemma

    Hi guys, I have the current config Phenom II x4 955 + ASUS M5A88-M + 16 GB DDR3(1333) RAM + 650ti Boost + DELL IN 1920(1366 x 768) + APC SRC 2000 xli- cc :-o:twisted: I also have a ASUS M5A97 pro(got in a deal @ Rs. 3000 already own) My usage DOTA2 programming + running 3-4 VMs in VMware...
  13. saswat23

    Snapdeal buys mobile recharge platform Freecharge

    Source: Snapdeal buys Freecharge in biggest startup M&A - The Economic Times Snapdeal acquires FreeCharge | Business Line Snapdeal pays up for a Freecharge! | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis I think soon we will see only three major players exist in the online market...
  14. adityak469

    Cockroaches : How To Deal with them?

    So these little disgusting things are back in my house after a long time of 2-3 years. They vanished in the first place because of the Boric Acid trap but as the saying "what doesn't kills you makes you stronger" goes, the Boric Acid has no effect on them now(thanks to genetic evolution). Does...
  15. S

    Why is this TV so cheap?

    Just wondering, i dont plan to buy or something but y is this specific Buy LG 40UB800T 101.6 cm (40) LED TV Online at best Prices In India tv being sold for so cheap its almost being sold for the same price as the 42W700B. Does anyone know the reason?? Also is it a good deal to buy(i...
  16. A

    [Query] Lenovo laptop from Lenovo showroom vs online vs local shop?

    My friend decided to buy Lenovo branded laptop. He is not sure from which store to buy? What will be good deal for after sale service? and warranty? guarantee? anything else?
  17. J

    tablet review

    Any feedback about lenovo a8-50 (wi-fi , 8") tablet? Good deal for $140-$150?
  18. coolest111

    Harman Kardon Sound Stick Iii or boston acoustics soundware xs 2.1

    my budget is around 8k.... i sort of decided on sound stick (w/o wireless) but saw a deal of xs2.1 @ 11.5k and that led me to dilemma help pls....
  19. D

    Need advice buying a budget wifi modem under Rs.1000

    Hi Guys Please help me buying a wifi adsl modem supporting bsnl broadband. Is TP-Link 150 Mbps Wireless N Router (TL-WR740N) a good one ??? As it costs Rs.854 in snap deal. Purpose.: Not a big deal, just for using it with a phone & a laptop ranging inside the radius of 20 feet.
  20. Desmond

    YouTube reportedly buying Twitch for $1 billion

    And just in time for The International Dota 2 Championships too. Source : *
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