1. T

    Need a car for daily commute of ~80-90 kms ----first time buyer

    I live in Varanasi where we have very narrow roads with bumper to bumper traffic. My workplace is in a nearby district about 90 kms from home. I currently use a bike since there is no direct public transport. Bike riding feels very tiresome , unsafe & unhygenic especially in monsoon. For this...
  2. D

    Opinions on daily life and practices as a Muslim

    I am doing an assignment on Islam and have to write 4-5 opinions of Muslims about how they live their daily life, what religious practices they follow and their beliefs and customs and similar questions. I don't have any Muslim friends whom I could ask. So I thought I should ask here. Please...
  3. T

    Need psu for my following pc config urgently

    My pc spec is amd fx 6300. 4 into two ram of ddr3. Amd r9 390. One hdd rpm 5400 . One ethernet port. 3 usb hub. No optical drive. No overclocking will be done. One fan 80mm(not sure of it). My purpose is gaming for 1 hr daily but pc will be on 4 to 6 hrs daily
  4. P

    WTB Advice : White board for daily writing purpose

    Hey guys! I want to buy a white-board for my daily writing purpose - i would be writing words,equations and personal notes regularly. It would be 1 or 2 x 1 or 2 ft and would be mounted on a wall. Can i use 2 plastic hooks like these? Should be waterproof and easy to use (erase,clean,rewrite)...
  5. A

    Upto 35K daily use laptop

    Hi guys, first of all thanks for your previous suggestion for my gaming laptop. I need one more suggestion from you people. Please suggest a daily usage laptop whose price can be upto 35k 1) What is your budget? upto 35k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15" - 16"...
  6. 1

    Why Aishwarya goes to cannes every year?

    I don't understand why. I think she must be torturing innocent abhishek mentally daily. Also who invites her & why?
  7. D

    Incremental Backup software

    Can some one please suggest a good and user friendly software for managing backups, doing it manually is problematic and error prone. I want to select some folders for backup and run the program daily or weekly and it should only take backup of files which are changed and not the complete backup.
  8. SaiyanGoku

    Questions regarding local cable TV channels

    So, lately some tv channels are broadcasting advertisements for the consumers of cable TV to submit their subscriber application form and list of the channels they want to watch. the ad features some female protagonists from Indian daily soaps. My question is, can one un-subscribe from all...
  9. snap

    No flag for Indian athletes at Winter Olympics

    source: *www.washingtonpost.com/world/walk-of-shame-no-flag-for-indian-athletes-at-winter-olympics/2014/01/29/62c8886a-851d-11e3-9dd4-e7278db80d86_story.html dogecoin comes to the rescue once again: The Daily Dot - Dogecoin fundraiser is helping send this Indian Olympian to Sochi
  10. D

    Suggest a IEM around 600

    Budget- 600 Will use it for watching tv series, movies, listening mostly bollywood/punjabi songs while travelling, in Galaxy S3 Requirements- Good quality as i will take it along daily in my bag to college. Source- Galaxy S3
  11. T

    How many hours do you spend on Computers daily? Are you Addicted?

    By computers I mean everything: Desktops,Laptops,Smartphone,PlayStation,X-Box. But not TV. I spend about 12-16 Hours on a daily basis doing nothing. If it harms you/stops you from doing work then you can call it an Addiction. I can confess that I am addicted to it.
  12. Flash

    Superstitions & Stereotypes

    Superstitions and stereotypes - looks different, right? No. It's not.. Stereotypes in the longrun, tends to become superstitions.,IMO What're the Superstitions and stereotypes you run across in your daily life and do you believe in it?
  13. sumit05

    Suggest a bike with 60k

    Guys help me buying a bike for daily use.
  14. I

    Earphone for iPhone

    I have an iPhone 4. I'm planning to buy a new earphone for my phone, it will be for a daily use mostly while riding or in train. Budget:- 3k
  15. Ironman

    How to Automate Daily Tasks like ?

    How to Automate Daily Tasks like ? 1. Downloading The Picture from the homepage of a website and then download it and then upload it on my blog I am making a archive of all Bing images daily , so i want to automate this task Is there a software or a web service that will do it or help...
  16. Champ

    6 week training session at IGN

    Have seen quite number of threads asking to go into game development/testing and related careers So if u r really serious, this might be a good start IGN's Code-Foo - code.ign 6 week training session at IGN, that might lead to a job Heard about it here IGN Daily Fix Video Skip to 1:14...
  17. techbulb

    world longest canvas painted in Jaipur

    DNA E-Paper - Daily News & Analysis -Mumbai,India
  18. S

    IFB dishwasher

    my mother is really fed up of our maid now a days. she is so irregular. but without her there is no one to wash the heap of utensils that stay piled in the wash basin. so came the idea of buying a dishwasher that would ease the daily pain of scraping food from the dishes. somebody please help...
  19. Tenida

    Need Netbook for daily work@Rs.16k/-

    I am planning to buy a netbook for my daily work.I be using this mainly for share trading,net browsing,working in ms office,reading ebook and watching movie.Mostly 700mb rips. I am chosing netbook over laptop as nb is more light weight and easy to carry everywhere possible on earth:P Budget...
  20. kartikoli

    Suggestion for electric bike for city use of daily 20 km+ run

    i want a electric bike/scooter for city use which can hold good with 2 riders and around 20km of daily run i dont want any powerful bike with 150Cc of engine or so ... just need a bike that is good for normal use is there any reliable electric bike which can do the job or should i go with...
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