1. panacea_amc

    Nikon D5100 or Cannon D1200: confused again!

    Hello guys, I am a first timer to DSLR thing and after reading reviews, am confused again. I went through some pics in flicker. # D1200 (Cannon) shows up grains in not so bright areas. plz look at this pic in the tree areas, grains are easily visible =...
  2. Hrishi

    Urgent Suggestion D5100 Vs D3200 .

    Sony Alpha A58 DSLT Hi Folks , Going to buy a new DSLR today , however I am stuck in the dilemma whether to go for Nikon D5100 or Whether to go for D3200. Getting them for same price . As far as photography experience is concerned , I am a total newbie in it. I need pictures with...
  3. T

    Advice regarding purchase of DSLR

    My cousin is a photography enthusiast, and he has asked me for advice on buying his first DSLR. I've gone through various reviews on the Internet, and I'm considering a Nikon D5100 for him. A friend of mine is also willing to sell his D5100 to me for 30k ( with 18-55mm kit lens plus an UV...
  4. siddharthx64

    Seeking professional opinion - Canon EOS 600D or Nikon D5100 for a beginner

    Forgive me if this has already happened, but I couldn't find an answer to this dilemma in the previous posts by others. Im a beginner at photography with DSLRs. I am not planning on being an enthusiast for a month and then forgetting all about it. I plan to make the purchase immediately...
  5. A

    Entry Level DSLR Nikon D3300 Vs D3200 Vs D5100

    I'am Looking for a DSLR that is around 30k price and i shortlisted the three option as the D3300 price still not available n not confirmed. So please help me out which should best in performance and Value for money product. Thank you !
  6. S

    what other Accessories should i buy for My Nikon D5100

    Hi Everyone here, Got Nikon D5100 this week, now i want to know what other Accessories should i buy other than tripod and Lens to protect my D5100. Like whether i go for this And what about this one Is this of any use?? Thanks:razz:
  7. J

    Need advice to buy Nikon D5100

    Hi, this is my first post on TDF. I want to buy Nikon D5100. I am getting a second-hand deal at Rs 30K in which I am getting 18-105mm lens. Should I go for this deal or should I get a new one with kit lens? Thanks in advance, Jay :confused:
  8. A

    telephoto for Nikon d5100

    Can someone please suggest a good telephoto for nikon d5100. I'll mainly use it for portraits, bird photography and my budget is 15-20k.
  9. vivs

    Guidance to buy New DSLR

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a DSLR. Confused between D3100, D5100, 550D, 600D. Need your guidance for the purchase. My requirements are mainly to improve my photography skills, get manual control options etc (normal video capabilities are fine with me). I am into portraits, candids, party...
  10. B

    Any new upgradel for Nikon D5100 expected this year?

    Hi, I'm a beginner and planning to buy my first DSLR. I have narrowed down my choices to Canon 550D, Nikon D5100 and Sony A57. Now how to select one from these? Budget is around 45K and will like to shoot portrait, nature and wild life. Also any idea is Nikon will be launching any...
  11. S

    Confused between Nikon D5100, Canon EOS 550D , Nikon D3200

    Hi, Please help me buy a new DSLR. I am shortlisted 3 cameras 1. Nikon D5100 2. Nikon D3200 3. Canon EOS 550D Please help. Thanks and Regards, Santanu
  12. A

    Confused between Canon EOS 550D and Nikon D5100... Please help..!!

    Hello everyone, I am a complete newbie in the world of photography and dslrs. However, I recently made up my mind of buying a new camera for my personal use. I am in a deep fix between two cameras, both being good according to the minimum amount of knowledge that I have. I am thinking of...
  13. bhushan2k

    dslr for 35k max..

    guys..one of my friend wants dslr..she's interested in photography a lot like me :D but doesn't have good knowledge about dslrs n lenses n filters like me :D saw couple of threads for same range..and found d5100 with 18-55mm kit for 40k suggested by expers like sujoyp...:) later on she can...
  14. R

    Nikkon D5100 or Canon 550D

    Guys please suggest which one is better & why? Canon 550D or Nikkon D5100?
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