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  1. M

    Which Phone to accomodate Xperia ZR as well BB Curve

    I recently bought new ZR and happy about features, speed and overall function. This switch over from BB Curve using almost 3 years. ZR is best phone indeed but I really missed BB Curve easy-speedy & user friendly interface with user. Sometime, I bit irritate with ZR interface to use...
  2. M

    BB-Z10 or XP-ZR?

    I narrowed down two phone priliminary for office use. 1) BB Z10 and 2) XP-SR. Which one should I opt in view of overall performance. I am using BB curve at present.
  3. A

    bb 9380

    In a number of bb phones you dont need bis for emails. Will emails work without bis in curve 9820.. ? i dint need bbm.
  4. D

    [For Sale] Blackberry Curve 9320 with 13 Months Warranty (3G,GPS)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Blackberry Curve 9320 with 13 Months Warranty (3G,GPS) Blackberry Curve 9320 - BlackBerry: Flipkart.com Expected Price: Rs 10,500/- - - - - - - 10000 - - - 7500 Now Time of Purchase: Oct 2012 Company official Indian warranty...
  5. L

    [For Sale] Blackberry Curve 9220

    Blackberry Curve 9220 6 months old under warranty for sale, no scratches, with screen guard, case, no handsfree. It doesn't come with memory card. Price: Rs 8800 Location: Noida Photo
  6. S

    Mobile under 15k

    I am currently using Samsung Star S 5233,now m thinking of changing my mobile.I have a budget of 15k can be exceeded till 16k,I am thinking of Sony miro or BB curve 9380,But confused,plz suggest me or any other in this range??
  7. G

    Advise on Buying new smartphone

    Hi, I want to buy a Smartphone upto 12k-15k... plz suggest me any between this range... I had thought about Blackberry Curve 9320 and HTC Desire C.. Please also tell me if they are worth buying and some other models ?:-)
  8. S

    IEM for BlackBerry curve 8330

    Need a In ear Headphones with Mic for my Blackberry Curve 8330 Budget around 1k
  9. S

    Can I use 2G GPRS plans on Blackberry curve?

    Hi Guys, I need to buy blackberry curve 9830. I was wondering whether or not we can use normal gprs plans on this phone. I wont be using it for office mails as such, so i dont need blackberry messaging service. Is there any limitation on using normal gprs plans? Does the browser and...
  10. E

    need a blackberry under 20k

    hey guys i want a blackberry under 20k.i will use it mainly for surfing internet,watsapp,listening music and playing games.i should have 3g,wifi and all the other necessary features.it should have good battery life.i have considered curve 3g.but i am confused about its resolution.its...
  11. S

    Blackberry 3G curve or Motorola Defy??

    I have shortlisted the Motorola Defy, for purchase. I also have an option to buy the Blackberry Curve 3G. Are there any solid reasons to go for the Blackberry? I will not have push mail access on my berry though.
  12. win32.tr0jan

    Blackberry curve 8320 gprs doubt

    I have heard that Some BBs (8520 and some other models) are able to access the internet from their service provider and according to their tariff.Like one of my frnd is using 8520,uses Vodafone gprs pack of Rs5 per day,another guy is using 8310 and uses normal gprs rather than BB Internet.How...
  13. R


    I Want to buy Blackberry Curve or Blackberry Bold 2 Or Blackberry Bold 3 phones. If anyone interested. PM ME!
  14. M

    selling blackberry curve 8520 and htc p3452

    hey i want to sell blackberry curve 8520 and htc p3452.. both of them are brand new kind of. htc aint in warranty but blackberry is in warranty... i have bills of both of them.. any guess what should be the selling price... or if possible where should i sell them in north delhi... Thanks ----
  15. X

    Nokia E71 versus Blackberry Curve series versus Nokia E5

    hello everyone... my quest for buying a new phone has finally cut down to a chase... wat i found tat suits my interest are nokia e71, nokia e5 and blackberry curve series phones... i have very limited knowledge about blackberry phones.... my budget is around 15k and its only blackberry...
  16. P

    Confused between Blackberry Curve 8520 and Nokia E5

    [FONT="Tahoma"]Guys!! Wanted to buy a QWERT based mobile phone specially for IM and Emails. I have short-listed Blackberry Curve 8520 and E5 (because they both are around 12K). Now i'm unable to decide between the two. Please suggest.. Any suggestion other than this two are welcomed...
  17. Psychosocial

    E71 or 5800XM or BlackBerry Curve 8520 ?

    Which one should I get... budget <15k.. Needs :- 1) Big touchscreen OR 2) QWERTY OR 3) Both (which aint possible in the price range :( ).
  18. krazzy

    Cowon announces new S9 Curve with looks that could kill!

    Cowon S9 Curve Read More. Mustt.... have.... thatt....
  19. B

    FS Sealed Blackberry Curve

    For sale sealed brand new Blackberry Curve 8310.Price rs 20000 + shipping. Reason for sale: Already using a blackberry.
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