1. A


    wnt inear earphones which shud hav bst clarity,bassy and easily work on android a70.budget is Rs500-600.pls suggest me de bst one wich i cud buy online.RATHER THAN SOUND MAGIC ES18 HEADPHONES
  2. U

    ACPI multiprocessor drivers help

    I can't find acpi multiprocessor pc drivers on internet and i have accidentally cleaned up my system's plz so dat i cud resolve my problem and get on to my work
  3. Blue Ripazah

    help me choose a speaker system

    hi i want to buy a speaker system in the range of 2.5k to 3.5 k i hv short listed creative T6100 and T6160 cud any one tell me which is the better option and is there any other option other than these two speaker sets....
  4. patkim

    Philips 24PFL4505

    Any idea how is this LCD TV. It claims full HD in 24 Inch. 1920x1080p I had side by side look with other brands. The colors on this are less bright. I cud not get clear info on contrast ratio. But it felt ok to eyes!
  5. R

    incorrect gps position on my phone????

    hi guys i was checking my location on my htc legend with google maps. it shows akola as my position whereas i am in mumbai. y is that? wht cud be wrong?
  6. ankushkool

    Old games not working in Win7 64 bit!

    I have been using vista 32 on my dell studio 17, recently was trying out win 7 64. there has been a great performance improvement! but there are some software and games that wont run on it... i cud find alternatives 4 de softwares but is there a way i can run 32bit games on it... e.g. Quake III?
  7. H

    the best games to play on xbox 360..especially longer ones ..!!

    guys i need help here..see i just bought a xbox 360 but cannot decide on which games to buy..but the thing is i hav a budget fr 2 i wanted to know if yu cud suggest me 2 good titles which cud last fr a longer tym..means they dont get over in 1 month or so..according to my...
  8. S

    Career in gaming

    Can any1 help me on a career on gaming?? I love gaming n wanna make a career out of it so if u cud help me it wuld be gr8
  9. H

    need help chosing multiplayer games

    hi evry1 currently my friend & i hav connected our rigs in lan for the sole purpose of cud u ppl give me the names of the games which we can play (only 2 players at max possible)?
  10. Zangetsu

    Problem of Google in IE 6

    Hi, the keywords i typed in google r still visible after clearing cookies,history...:( wat cud be the problem...:eek:
  11. quantum

    printer networking & upgradin issue

    hey guys wassup i hav a query i own a epson lx 300+ usb support and parellel port both are there in it i wanted to buy an wi fi inkjet printer which cud support networkin i have a wifi laptop and a desktop pc i want a printer which could support both my pc printing needs and also i could...
  12. H

    New nVidia Forceware released - 177.41 WHQL

    nVidia has released new forceware ver 177.41 for their latest range of cards.these drivers do not support the older G8x gpus.i moddded the inf so that i cud install them on my pc (G80GTS 320MB). but i dont hav the time to bench and also Physix didnt work for me even with these guys...
  13. Zangetsu

    Mobile Codes..

    I saw list of mobile codes submitted in a thread here a couple of months back but now i forgot the thread in which it was....:D cud somebody give me the exact link of dat thread/post...:rolleyes:
  14. A

    bit comet woes

    hey , my college has blocked torrent trackers through filters also downloading of most files(ie exe,video )through idm etc has benn stopped we are feeling quite handicapped if someone cud help through any proxy or bypassing we wud be glad .... plzzz plzzz plzzz
  15. H

    using 2 Mobile Office Connection

    i've 2 Airtel Mobile Office connections,os is Vista Ultimate i want to use both these MO connection together thru WinGate to inc the download if any1 of u cud show me the steps of configuring the 2 mobiles to work in modem teaming mode. thnx
  16. H

    Software needed for upampling videos

    one of my frnds need software so that he can upsample vcds (he runs studio and wants to upsampe marrige and other party videos) to dvds or HD. so if any 1 out here cud give me the name of such a software.
  17. tango_cash

    Utorrent acting weierd!!!!!pls help urgently.

    Utorrent acting weired!!!!!pls help urgently. hi i use utorrent 1.7.5. lately it has started acting some of my torrents(they are from different trackers) it gives offline (timed out) in the Tracker Status.i tried using bitcomet .99 for the same torrents and it worked perfectly. what...
  18. blademast3r

    How much does a local acoustic guitar cost??

    Hey guys im plannin to buy an acoustic guitar...not a branded one jus an indian made one will do...i guess my budget mud be around cud u specify any brand?? basically it shud be durable nd should sound ok for its price..... Thanks in advance...
  19. F

    help buying a pc cabinet

    hey cud sum1 suggest a nice (not very expensive) cabinet i had a good one(without any fans tho),but now that got a nvidia 8800gt i need better air flow,cooling etc also if anyone's from pune cud they tell me where i cud get one?? thnx in advance
  20. D

    Dataone dialup prob

    1st i cud use both broadband connection (home and office) but now i can connect to only the my account not to my office is this done by dataone or there prob with my pc
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