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  1. P

    Connecying 2 computers using crossover ethernet cables in Windows

    Recently I thought of connecting my 2 computers using ethernet crossover cables. When I try to connect the 2 computers using WIndows XP, both the machines cannot identify any one. When using Windows 7 on one and Windows XP on the other, the Windows XP, identifies the network, but the Windows 7...
  2. utkarsh73

    Can co-op games be played just by using Crossover cable??

    Can the games like Splinter Cell or Split second be played between two players by just connecting them with a crossover cable?? If yes, then can anyone please provide a tutorial for how to setup the connection??
  3. K

    File Transfer Lan Cable

    Can you tell me how to connect 2 Systems(Laptop Win7 and PC XP Pro) over lan cable via ethernet?? Or should i get a Network switch or Crossover cable?? can you also explain to what a network switch is?? also how to do the network settings tooo.......
  4. A

    Wireless v/s USB-Bridged v/s Ethernet Crossover

    Hello! I'm looking for some means to transfer my 5 GB file from one laptop to another. It's sad that the largest flash drive I have is a 4 GB one. I have a wireless network in place (a TP-Link router whose speed I have no idea of). I'm looking to buy some cable to connect my computers ad-hoc. I...
  5. mohityadavx

    crossover wire

    Hi! I was previous having airtel 256kbps broadband connection . Then i disconnected the internet. However they left all the cable at my home they had used for providing the connection . Can this wire be used for making a crossover wire. Plz dont suggest method how to make a crossover...
  6. Liverpool_fan

    Connecting OpenSUSE 11.1 with Windows through crossover ethernet wire

    Hello All I was wondering how to set up Networking between OpenSUSE 11.1 in my desktop to Microsoft Windows XP in a laptop in order to facilitate file sharing between the two as well as internect connection sharing via a crossover ethernet wire? Thanks.
  7. H

    Crossover, anyone?

    It seems it's a one day offer. Crossover for free. (If you don'tknow what it is , you don't need it) http://down.codeweavers.com/ (yeah, I got there a bit late).
  8. hullap

    Get Crossover for mac and linux for free today

    http://down.codeweavers.com/ Fast PPl
  9. B

    Setup for multiplayer game over home LAN

    I have two PC with LAN card. I got one crossover ethernet cable. I can connect the two PC each other directly (without any switch or hub) and share files using the crossover cable.:cool: Now could someone tell me whether I can play multi-player games with this setup? Do I need broadband...
  10. Cyrus_the_virus

    An introduction to CrossOver Games for Linux

    What exactly is CrossOver Games CrossOver Games is a commercial variant of Wine released by CodeWeavers with support for many of today's most popular games. CrossOver Games is tested for performance and stability with many games such as Guild Wars, Eve Online, and Steam games like Half-Life 2...
  11. H

    laptop and desktop

    Please tell me the cheapest method to connect my laptop with desktop computer so that I can transfer file from one to another. One method someone proposed me was using crossover cable. Can any one tell me details about this and cost of this cable in delhi and where I can get it in delhi?? Or any...
  12. hemant_mathur

    New CrossOver Runs WoW, Half-Life 2 On Linux

    Source : http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS3460199439.html Would-be Windows-on-Linux gamers got a very early Christmas present today, with the release by CodeWeavers of the first public beta of CrossOver 6.0, with support for World of Warcraft and other "steam-based" games such as Half Life...
  13. S

    Connect two pcs so as to make one as a bridge

    i have one pc A with one lan card (nic) and pc B with two, i have a broadband connection (dsl, the one in where a lan cable is used). so now i want to connect the broadband on pc B and share it using a crossover with pc A, please can somebody explain in detail, and aslo tell me hoe to setup the ICS.
  14. JGuru

    Run Office 2003 in Linux!!!

    CodeWeavers the makers of CrossOver Office has announced their next release of CrossOver Office that let's you run MS Office 2003 in Linux!! Cool!! For more details see the following link http://www.codeweavers.com/about/general/press/?id=20051025 I've already tried their product and...
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