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Be easy!

what was wrong about my question on linux?

and i will post any damn topic i want, and u r welcomed to lock it if it has any hacking, cracking or warez info in it?

but for what guttdamn reason did u lock this topic??????????
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no its not wrong.. but Tech_your_future is the mod.. he has to follow the rules of forum... and he only does it in favour of the forum... you are new here.. just read the rules first.. and mind the language...

and its sure that the thread is gonna be locked...

you can always ask your question.. without talking about warez and cracks.. or anything illegal...

but yes many times illegal talks are also ignored... i dont know why... :p

but the bottom line.. follow the rules and respect them and mods...:D


but i really gotta know which linux to purchase,
just read my thread which was locked.


Please do not make an issue out of a locked thread. I would ask you to contact Mehul over PM and work things out. I'm sure he would have a particular reason for locking the thread. Moderating is a tricky job, sometimes threads have to be locked if there are similar threads.

Cover all bases before reaching to a conclusion. If you are unhappy with a moderator's action, please contact the admin team.

Thank you.


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query on linux in Software Troubleshooting section. So, I moved that one to Open Source considering that you're new. Again, you are starting a thread on the same thing all over again in the Software Troubleshooting section.
And for any such issues please solve things over PM instead of starting a thread. Any mod here will help you as far as they can.
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