1. Nishandh

    i-Nex as CPU-z sibling, in GNU-Linux arena.

    i-Nex - A CPU-Z Hardware Stat Tool for Linux | OMG! Ubuntu! "I recently needed to check up on the capability of one of my ageing netbooks (chiefly to compare the Intel Atom within it to the CPU of an early Samsung Chromebook). To aid me I turned to an app similar in design and aim as the...
  2. harshilsharma63

    A10 6800k overclocked to 8 GHz!!!

    The cpu-z validator: CPU-Z Validator 3.1 Source: The Stilt`s CPU Frequency score: 8203 mhz with a A10-6800K and AMD A10-6800K APU Overclocked to Record Breaking 8.2GHz
  3. topgear

    Hacking CPU-Z – Can You Trust the Results

    Continue Reading for fixes and updates ;-) Hacking CPU-Z – Can You Trust the Results? | Hacking Tricks
  4. coolpcguy

    Need some RAM for my Envy

    I'm thinking of adding some extra RAM to my Envy 14. It currently has 2x2GB modules and since the laptop has got only 2 slots, I'll have to replace them completely & considering 2x4GB Any suggestions for the RAM? I'm not sure what the prices for laptop RAM are - I'm in Bangalore & will buy it...
  5. sumonpathak

    Super Pi Battlground [1M/32M]

    Hi everyone...starting the Super Pi battleground in DIGIT forums.So bring out the tweaking wrenches and bench:twisted: here you can post your super pi 1M and 32M results The rules are similar to HWBOT rules so the submissions you do here can be used to submit in submit in HWBOT.Here's a quick...
  6. The Sorcerer

    Asus G74S Republic of gamers Notebook

    Hey, I got a notebook for testing. For those who are interested, check it out: CPU-Z Validator 3.1 Peace ;)
  7. N

    Core 2 Duo - E8400 shows 2000 MHz in CPU-Z

    Hi, I have the following configuration - Processor Intel E8400 - 3.0 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB, 6 MB L2 Cache Motherboard DG31PR - Intel G31 Chipset, 1333 MHz FSB RAM - Kingston 2*1GB DDR2 800 MHz Graphics Card - XFX 7900GS, 256 MB DDR3 HDD Seagate -...
  8. P

    Cool 'n' Quiet - Phenom 2 X4 920

    Hi, I cant get the Cool N Quiet working on my M3A78-EM with my Phenom 2 X4 - 920. I have Cool N quiet turned on BIOS. The speed is steady at 2800 when i tested using Cool N Quiet Application from ASUS and CPU-Z as well. I am on the latest BIOS version. Any suggestions please...
  9. VarDOS

    CPU-Z Showing a Fake Speed

    Hi friends, I have Intel Core2Duo E4500 @ 2.20GHz but whenever i check CPU-Z it always shows 1198.8MHz whats the prob???? also if i check it in My computer it shows 2.20GHz Thanks
  10. mad1231moody

    Prize check - tell me how much I get

    Hi friends I want to upgrade and want to know the what price I will get for the old rig. The config is as follows :- Intel Pentium IV 2.4Ghz Asrock 845 mobo with IGP 80 GB Samsung HDD 512+256 RAM (CPU-Z shows 133MHz) LG 17" CRT monitor Along with kbd+mouse(ordinary) and casing(nothing...
  11. Dark Star

    Perlmon : Cpu-Z for Linux

    This is an attempt of making a CPU-z like program for linux. Still a lot of work planned for it, including better hardware support (ATI and Intel video info), more CPU info, and other sysadmin related info. Installation: Unzip The Archive Open The Terminal cd /path/of/the/extracted/folder sudo...
  12. Kalyan

    Doubts abt cpu-z

    Hi all.. >Recently, I used cpu-z 1.41 to know the status of my pc. all the details were ok but it shows my RAM frequency is of 400MHz. while mine is a 1GB Transcend 800MHz DDR2 RAM. It is a single stick. Does running in single channel mode set it to 400MHz? or does it change like the...
  13. C

    AMD 64 3200 + manchester core ?

    Can a amd 64 athlon 3200+ have a machester core ?? Check this Checked it with cpu-z 1.32
  14. ssk_the_gr8

    cpu-z problems

    i downloaded the latest cpu-z i have an amd athlon 64 3500+ (venice)939 pin but cpu-z says its a claw hammer have i been fooled by my vendor?? :cry: i have msi rs 482 Mobo but cpu-z says its a rs 480 what is the problem
  15. V

    ram speed

    hai, i hve p4 3.2Ghz (64 bit),gigabyte g81915g-duo (mobo),my ram is transcend ddr2 533 mhz(2*512mb).but when i checked using cpu-z it,s shows my ram frequency is 268 mhz...why this happens....
  16. Curious Guest

    CPU-Z 1.28.6

    CPU-Z 1.28.6 What kind of chip is in your system? How much L1 cache is there? What is the core speed and bus speed? How about your memory timings? CPU-Z is a handy little utility, which reveals all sorts of information on the nuts and bolts of your system. Download...
  17. mohit

    What's wrong with CPU-Z ?

    I am using CPU-Z VERSION 1.28.1-March 2005 and look at the screenshot of my PC. CPU-Z detects my RAM as PC-3200 which is meant to be 400Mhz but then it displays it as 200 Mhz. Why so ???
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