Prize check - tell me how much I get

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Hi friends I want to upgrade and want to know the what price I will get for the old rig. The config is as follows :-

Intel Pentium IV 2.4Ghz
Asrock 845 mobo with IGP
80 GB Samsung HDD
512+256 RAM (CPU-Z shows 133MHz)
LG 17" CRT monitor
Along with kbd+mouse(ordinary) and casing(nothing special here)

Please guide me as to how much should I expect.
Thanks :p


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New DDR1 RAM costs Rs. 575 for 512 MB n Rs. 450 for 256 MB. With 1 Year warranty only.

Oh! didn't know that, thanks vijay ;) In any case I was just fooling around a little bhai. seriously right now I can't really afford to make even the slightest new upgrades to my PC or would love to have another 512MB RAM and a nice PCI graphics card :D


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Why u also care to spend Rs.100? go have a happy meal for that price. There is chit chat section to fool around

Sorry moody dada, aap to naraz ho gaye :( won't happen again bhai. By the way are you selling the 512 RAM seperately. If yes what brand is it, how much, it's condition and where are you from. I might be really interested in buying depending on the info.. And sorry again bhai for fooling around in your thread.


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well the price 5K is mostly due to the 17" monitor. Mobo and proccy will go for low.
Monitor's life is much longer than proccy n mobo.
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