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  1. Chetan1991

    [Query] Should I send Cowon EM1s for replacement or fix'em myself?

    My Cowon EM1s failed after a measly 5 months, pieces of cr@p, even though I took good care of them. It seems the wire has detached from the 3.5mm connector. I sent the Cowon people a mail to claim warranty and replied asking me to ship the earphones to them to Mumbai to check them. My...
  2. P

    Cowon EM1 vs soundmagic ES 19s which one to choose?

    Hi, im not able to decide between cowon Em1 and sound magic ES 19s which one to buy? mine current one is Cowon Em1 but its damaged after long time. so planning to buy new one and my budget is <=1 K(aprrox) suggest if any other also.
  3. akii17kr

    Cowon em1 VS knowledge zenith edse ?

    Hello, My I'm looking to buy earphones for my friend Confused between these 2 IEM's. Things he need:- 1) Very good sound quality , crisp crystal clear . 2) Good amount of bass. Not too heavy not too light. 3) Good Build quality .(reliable , not cheap one as my friend is kind of rough user.) 4)...
  4. ajayritik

    How to connect Cowon A3 Player to Car Stereo

    Hi Friends, I have a Cowon A3 Player which I would like to connect to my Sony Car Stereo. However when I connect the player to the car stereo using the Aux cable I don't get any audio out to my Car Stereo. Can someone help me on this?
  5. M

    Cowon EK2 opinions needed.

    Anybody used Cowon EK2 IEM? Please post your opinions or reviews. How do they compare to Cowon EM1 (importantly, in the bass department). Bass, treble and voice clarity ratings would be even more helpful.
  6. gaurav3282

    [For Sale] Cowon IE2 4 GB MP3 Player

    Cowon IE2 4 GB mp3 player.Condition is just like new,barely get time for music and this is lying idle.So I want to sell it now.It has a battery backup upto 5-6 hours may be more.Never used more than this time.I will provide 2-3 days of testing warranty by my side. For Sale ! Product Name...
  7. S

    SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon EM1 vs Creative EP-630

    Hey friends, I recently bought a Moto G.I am not that into listening music even then the stock earphones with the phones are not good enough.I only need the headphones while commuting between home and college.I need your expert advice to choose between these 3 : SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon...
  8. ranjitsd

    Need headset for Lumia 620

    Head just died need new headset for l620 max budget is 1500rs should i go with Cowon EM1 In-the-ear Headset with Remote and Mic
  9. GhorMaanas

    (MP3 Player) Cowon iAudio E2 PMP

    1. Product on sale: Cowon iAudio E2. 2. Price: Rs. 2,050 shipped. 3. Reason for sale: Using a clip+, hence this is lying unused. 4. Product condition: 9.5/10. no scratches or cosmetic-blemishes present. working absolutely fine. bundled-earphones, USB-adapter, and original box are available as...
  10. sayan8

    Need IEM within rs.750 range..

    I own a Canvas A115 which only supports IEM without Mic. Please suggest some.. Im thinking of cowon EM 1..howz it
  11. Raziel

    Suggest me a good mp3 player

    Hi guys, Pls suggest a good mp3 player. What I want is the Best sound quality, FLAC support & expandable storage. Not really interested in video playback or fm. I like the old COWON D2+, but is it still worth buying..? or should I go for the new COWON C2 ? How's the Sandisk Sansa players in...
  12. M

    COWON service center in Kolkata........

    Hi guys......can any one tell me If there is any service centers of COWON in Kolkata???If yes, where is it????If no, what do i do if i face problems with my COWON product???
  13. sandynator

    Cowon D2 Plus OR Cowon C2 OR Sandisk Sansa Fuze+

    I'm in gr8 dilemma to choose between the above mentioned mp3 players. Having personal experience with Cowon e2 the choice will be in between 2 cowons only i.e. D2 plus OR C2. Guys please let me know the exact difference between Cowon D2 plus & C2. I read that c2 has Jet Effects 3 39 eq...
  14. ajayritik

    Cowon A3 Screen damaged. Fix it?

    Guys I have Cowon A3 which I bought couple of years ago and accidentally the screen got damaged. I checked with Lipap systems who are the service guys for the Cowon Products and they were suggesting that the repair would cost 4k. Do you think I should get this repaired? I was thinking...
  15. pramudit

    cowon se2 bundled earphones

    i received my cowon se2 for my digit subscription. The problem is that, in one earpiece beats are clearly audible but in other there are not beats..... :sad: how to get 'em replaced...? i received them ton 13th jan... :?:
  16. mayank_agarwal

    [URGENT] Help needed in PMP

    So to start with, First of all Thank you for trying to help me out. Now my question:- I want a PMP which can be available in Dubai. Y Dubai? Ans - Coz my father is going on for a tour in Dubai and during his tour he would be let into the City Center Of Dubai for shopping. SO my questions...
  17. A

    Cowon C2, Sansa Clip+, IEMs

    Hi there! I plan to buy a dedicated MP3 player, and have been searching for almost a month now. The choices eventually narrowed down to the Cowon C2 and the Sansa Clip+ (with the D2+ being a close competitor). I currently own a Galaxy S II & iPod Touch, pairing them with my Klipsch S4i's...
  18. ajayritik

    Cowon A3 Screen damaged. Where can I fix it

    I have Cowon A3 which I had bought couple of years from US. Some how the screen has got damaged because of which I'm unable to use it. Are there any service centers for Cowon here in India who can get this repaired and how much would it cost? I remember when I was contemplating buying this...
  19. A

    Music Player in 6.5k range

    Folks, I am looking for a music player(video playback feature optional). Pre requisites:- Should have a descent display, because I am used to my Android phone for listening to music! Should have excellent sound effect(that means not just loud, but a good listening experience. I dont...
  20. W

    Need good in-ear phones for cowon j3

    Hi, I bought a new 4gb cowon J3 player @ 9k. Have already EP-630 creative. Sound quality is good and decent with these. But I want to go to new level. Any great vfm phones with excellent sound quality in 1.5k?
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