1. Aditya11

    ac-Router with blinking LEDs to indicate the network activity

    Hi all. I need an ac-router whose front panel LEDs blink when there is download or any other data transfer activities going on. I purchased TP-LINK Archer C50 AC1200 four days back but it has static LEDs and I am going to return it, more so since the coverage isn't exactly great either...
  2. dissel

    Help me to choose a Wi-Fi Router which is ideal replacement of Asus RT-N16

    Hello Experts, As the thread title suggest my Home Router Asus RT-N16 which is now reach at EOL, It remain Power ON almost 24/7 since 2011 - Please help me to choose a Wi-Fi router in the same category. RT-N16 coverage is very good which able to cover the Ground Floor (where it sits) as well...
  3. S

    Best wireless modem under 2000 Rs ?

    I want to get a new BSNL broadband connection. Planning to take BSNL plan of Rs.1445/- , which gives 2Mbps until 20 GB and 1Mbps UL after that. I am already using 40GB+/month using my MTS dongle. I will sometimes keep the PC/modem on for more than 15 hours continuously.... I need a good...
  4. K

    Requirement for a solid Wireless network around my Big house!

    Questionnaire : 1.ISP :Local Fiber Optic Network(Nettech) 2.Plan : 2 Mbps till 20 GB;512 Kbps post FUP 3.Connection Type: Wan port cable internet! 4.Area of house: 4000 sq.ft * 3 storeys At least need coverage on top 2 floor! Ground floor is unused! 5.Budget :₹5k + 1k...
  5. A

    Netgear Nighthawk R7000, Network Coverage Issue ?

    I am uploading an diagram of my house and the kind of coverage I am getting. Please see and comment ! I am not very happy with this kind of performance from such a costly router.v:-x
  6. gohan89

    What is the best network in Kolkata and preferably 3g?

    I have Xperia SP and with it BSNL 3g.The BSNL 3g is patheitic,very bad coverage and internet speeds are too too slow..cant even open a page.I switch to GSM from works but at 2g speed of 4-10 kbps... I want to know which mobile network has the best network coverage in Kolkata...
  7. nginx

    3G coverage in Chennai?

    I am moving to Chennai within a couple of weeks because I got my job posting there. I want to purchase a dongle or 3G SIM with data card before leaving. Please recommend the telecom provider with the best 3G coverage in Chennai (near Velachery). BSNL, Airtel, Docomo, Aircel, Vodafone or some...
  8. P

    Router - Coverage 2 Floors?

    Hi, I have two Airtel Broadband connections at home. One running with Linksys WRT-54G on 1st Floor & other with TP-Link MR3420 on ground floor. WRT-54G does the job well with decent coverage on the ground floor as well. Whereas TP-Link even fails to cover the whole of ground floor forget...
  9. sc3n3l0v3r

    Help me in choosing the right 3G connection @ Delhi/NCR

    Hello Friends, Sandip here & guys I need your help in choosing the right ISP for 3G :wink: Basically I from Assam but for my higher studies i am shifting to Delhi - Rohini in a month. Mine college is at Rohini - so will staying nearby or maybe max 5-6Km apart from it. I have no idea...
  10. V.VAIDYA

    Choosing data card.

    Hello everyone , I am going to get a wireless modem soon and confused between gsm and cdma standards even after a bit of rescearch. 1.[ UMTS/HSDPA modem ] If i go gsm there are cheaper 2g(gprs) plans avialable , many operators to choose, upgrade able to higher 3g data plan, all...
  11. H

    Which mobile operator to choose in Kolkata?

    Have been using Airtel for the last 4 years. Had used Docomo for 4-5 months this year but switched back to Airtel since Docomo reception is a bit patchy in my college. And their GPRS was slow. Now with the 100sms/day rule being compulsorily implemented from 27th September, looking for...
  12. Charley

    Cheapest GSM provider and best plan with coverage in Kerala

    Which is the best plan & provider with very good coverage suitable for Mylapra, Pathnamthitta, Kerala?
  13. gEEK001

    Preview & Feedback [February 2011]

    Cover Story of the month Smart Phones Demystified - Everything you wanted to know about phones right from the OS to top apps of all time for Android, Blackberry, Symbian and more. What we hate about them and smart phone gyaan which no one gives you... Fast Track to .NET Basics of .NET...
  14. T

    Wifi Router and Broadband

    Today i opted for the Airtel Wifi Router with built in ADSL Modem.. Model name is Beetel 450BXI I am very disappointed with the coverage. My question to you is can i expect better coverage with Netgear DG834GV? which is a Wireless Router with built in ADSL2 modem Link to the Netgear router...
  15. aryayush

    Apple Mac Press event: New iMacs, iLife '08, iWork '08, new .Mac and faster Mac Mini.

    I cannot report everything all over again. Just check out my summary of the live coverage here. Engadget's live coverage. Yay! :D Apple went above and beyond whatever my expectations were. check out Steve's last reply. I doubt I've ever read a better worded and true response to any question.
  16. hbk549

    Xbox 360 India launch Coverage.

    i have been searching net at last i got it * the best coverage i have ever seen
  17. ssk_the_gr8

    which is the best car magazine???

    for bikes there is only bike india but when it comes to cars there are topgear ------------------- rs 60 overdrive rs 60 autocar india rs 60 car india ------------------------ rs 75 car india is slightly costly...
  18. altimate

    how to enhance indoor mobile network coverage ??

    my mobile does not offer indoor network coverage i.e. when i m in my house .The problem is in the network coverage itself and not in the mobile. please suggest me the cost effective ways by which i can improve the network coverage in my room.
  19. B

    Apple's WWDC

    As I type (its now 7:30 PM IST, 7th August), Apple's Worldwide developer conference is just hours away. Steve Jobs will be delivering a keynote in San Fransisco's Moscone centre (as always). Apple is expected to announce & preview the next version of Mac OS X, ie 10.5 codenamed Leopard. More on...
  20. S

    Can Someone Tell Me...

    Hey Guys, I am new to VB. Can someone tell me which book to refer to learn VB. I want to get an in depth coverage of the language. Thanks.
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